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The full collection of THE TAILGATE game previews.

THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M at Ole Miss

That was a tough way to lose a game, but I'm over it. Time to get focused on the rest of this season.

11-1 is still possible and it begins with Ole Miss this weekend. Their loss to Memphis could be a trap. This will be our biggest test until the end of the year.

I believe in this team and have no doubt we will walk into Death Valley after Thanksgiving with a 10-1 record, at which point we can all hope that Leonard Fournette is deemed immediately available for NFL Free Agency and is picked up by the Dallas Cowboys.

Let's get to 6-1 first and punch that bowl ticket. YOU ARE NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT


THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Alabama


The Tide come Rolling into OUR HOUSE this time.

Waves are nothing to be scared of, so time to meet our foes and for the 12th Man to get gnarles barkley mah bruhs.

Let's drop into...


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THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Nevada

The Wolf Pack come to town Saturday. They will enter a stadium with all the glitz and glam of a Las Vegas Strip casino. The place that Reno dreams of with as much gold flowing through its gates as Nevada itself.

I can't be too harsh on Reno. Texas A&M and Texas must have played there at some point because it happens to be the divorce capital of the US. The Wolf Pack might be coming as a group, but they will be separated before they get home.

Let's toss $100 on black and take a spin through...


THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Ball State

I could get used to this new tradition of blowing out ranked opponents in our season openers. The Aggies are back on track for a championship season with a defense I hardly recognize.

Along with things you won't recognize this year, it's almost time to say Howdy to the new Kyle Field. A blogger's paradise of wifi access, large television screens, and voicing your opinions to no one in particular.

We host Ball State, formerly the Indiana Normal College. That might be acceptable in Muncie, but here in Aggieland, with players like Myles Garrett, I would say we're pretty AB-normal.

That was a warm up for you. For more body related humor...


The TAILGATE: Arizona State vs. Texas A&M

We've come a long, long way since Memphis.

The New Year brought us a Chief, another highly-touted recruiting class, and a brand-new home.

Unfortunately we're not quite there yet this week. It was the calmest off-season in recent memory and even the QB battle's low on drama. The guys are cool and focused, which is right where Sumlin wants them.

Because the Devils have come down to Houston.



The final game of the 2014 season is upon us. It has been a doozy of a season, but I can't imagine that any drama could possibly take place this offseason.

I sense a nice relaxing 8 months of hibernation through the wedding summer months and we'll all be back here soon.

We here at Good Bull Hunting want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Travel safe as you visit loved ones.

And if you see Santa, tell him the only thing you want is to BEAT THE EVER LIVING HELL OUT OF WEST VIRGINIA!

The Liberty Bowl should be an exciting game, but I promise you'll never be as excited about a bell as this guy from our BIG 12 foe.

Christmas is coming early so join us one last time for...



My does the time fly when you're having a slight mental break down.

The last game of the 2014 regular season is upon us and it has been a year of highs and lows, then highs, then lows again.

It hasn't always been pretty, but now is our chance to get a big season ending win and build momentum into #BOWLSZN.

The Aggies have yet to beat LSU since joining the SEC, but it seems like a good time to serve up Tiger meat instead of turkey this Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, you know what I'm thankful for? Kevin Damn Sumlin, Will Muschamp getting fired, true freshman play makers, and you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you at...


THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Missouri


We all had a pretty rough three game skid there, and to be honest, our situation wasn't looking up after a win over ULM, but WOOOOWEEEEEE WE DID IT!
We marched right into the state of Alabama and knocked off another top ranked team.

The first of our Tiger foes is vanquished. This weekend the Aggies host the second Tiger who comes to Kyle Field leading the SEC Eas..*shuffles papers*

*whispering in the background* this can't be right

Yes, somehow a Mizzou team that managed fewer than 150 yards TOTAL against Florida is, in fact, beating them. They'll need a lot more than 150 yards to keep up with Kyle Allen and the Aggies.

The winter weather is blowing in, so grab a coat, spike your hot cocoa, and swing by...


THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M at Auburn

The final stretch of the season approaches. Crouched in the long grass ready to pounce. The Aggies, just like the cautious anthropologist, do not heed their own warning and continue on into certain peril.

Can a freshman 5-star fend off the November of the Tigers?
Does our offense know more than 5 plays?
Will overly eager season ticket buyers give up the obnoxious number of seats they requested for 2015 so the rest of us can attend games?

This month will answer all these questions and more. Come hit the road with us one last time in 2014 and we'll see you at...



After a much needed bye week the Aggies look to rebound from a three game skid and get a win at home.

We're already into November games, so enjoy the College Station tailgating while you can.

The Robertson Family are big fans of ULM. I have seen that ticket sales are low for this game, and personally I don't give a DUCK what your excuse is. Get there and yell loud.

Happy Halloween from all of us at GBH. Be safe, enjoy some tricks and treats, find some Scooby Snacks and we'll see you bright and early for..



They needed someone to step up as they spend the next week and a half in tears. They needed someone who thrives on negative emotion, who positively rejoices when things have gone to hell. They needed professionals. They needed . . . THE MUGDOWN.

THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Ole Miss

We beat Bama before it was cool. Now everyone is doing it.

The Ags slipped up last week, but look to take another shot at bowl eligibility against an Ole Miss team riding high on a huge win in Oxford.

Well, Dr. Bo, this ain't Oxford. This is College Damn Station and 106,000 fans are gonna watch Ole Miss slip into 2nd place in the state of Mississippi.

There are a lot of championships won with 1 loss. LET'S PLAY SOME FOOTBALL.

With an 8pm kickoff we all have plenty of time to enjoy THE TAILGATE

THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M at Mississippi State

The undefeated Aggies go on the road to take a shot at starting 6-0 and becoming the first bowl eligible team in the country.

After last week's thriller I'm ready to ride into the #SnowBowl, throw all my money on black (uniforms), and ring their bells.

I got a fever and the only prescription is...


THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Arkansas

I imagine life gets pretty hard at the Bielema residence. All work and no play makes Bret a dull boy.

Run up the middle, run up the middle, run slightly to the left of middle, play action? nope sorry - that's a run up the middle again. I'll take Sumlin every day of the week.

We're off to Dallas again for the weekend and hope that things turn out like last time. Before you hit the road, join us for...



Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down. You been running all over the town now. Oh! I guess I'll have to put your flat feet on the ground.

THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Rice

The year is 1917. Political incorrectness, hazing, and good bull reign supreme. The Texas AMC Aggies play the Rice Owls and emerge victorious.

Fast forward to 2014 and we are on the eve of yet another showdown. The Aggies will emerge victorious once again, but who among you has the courage to face this evil beast and bring him to...


THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs Lamar

South Carolina was hot, but Texas is HAWT!

After a long summer its finally time for a weekend of Aggie tailgates and Kevin Damn Sumlin's high-powered offense at the new Kyle Field (make sure to bring some chapstick and a date).

In preparation, crank up some Bun B and check out the TailTrillgate

THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M at South Carolina

WE MADE IT! Well, almost.

3 more days til kickoff and disappearing at lunch time for a four-and-a-half day weekend.

An era has ended for Aggie football and a new one begins.

Players come and go but luckily for you, Good Bull Hunting is here to stay (until Facebook implements the "Satire" label which will render us useless).


THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs. t.u. Game 3

A trip to the Super Regional is on the line, as the Aggies face the Longhorns for the third time in four days on Monday.


How did we win that game? BTHO t.u.

THE TAILGATE: A Graphical Preview of The Regional

"I don't see us renewing the rivalry with Texas A&M any time soon. There just isn't any good reason to pla...what was that? Oh, we're already playing them again. Ah crap." - Probably Steve Patterson

It's not quite the sport we want to clobber the sips in, but it's the first time since conference realignment that the Ags and Longhorns will face off in one of the "big 3" sports.

Feels good to say it again. Beat the Hell Outta t.u.!


It's time. The last game of the College Football season in upon us. I can honestly say this has been some of the most incredible football I've ever witnessed.

Will FSU break the streak of SEC National Champions or will Auburn take it to 8?

We'll find out tonight if Auburn can channel some more magic as we prepare for The Final Kickoff.

THE TAILGATE: A Preview of Texas A&M vs Duke

For Auld Lang Syne.

THE BIRTHDAY: A Preview of Johnny Manziel's 21st

It's not the SEC Championship Game, but it's the next best thing... Johnny Manziel is finally turning 21. Come celebrate with us.

THE TAILGATE: A Graphical Preview of Mizzou

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Tailgaters.There isn't anything better in life than gorging on incredible food, taking a nap, gorging again, watching football, nap, gorge, football, gorge, nap, then maybe some football. So here we go.

THE TAILGATE: A Graphical Preview of A&M at LSU

In the maroon corner weighing 225 pounds, with an amateur record of 57 REC, 27 by way of KO and 12 TDs. The current Heavyweight Champion of the NCAA, from Galveston, Texas, please welcome MIIIIIIIIIIIIKE EVAAAAAAAAANS

His opponent in the purple corner weighing 500 pounds, and is a tiger, please welcome MIIIIIIIIIKE SIX.

Let round 1 begin!



The FanPosters have locked GBH staff in the dungeon again and they bring you a very special edition of THE TAILGATE.

THE TAILGATE: Mississippi State at Texas A&M

Come start some emotional chants with us on Senior Day.

THE TAILGATE: Preview of UTEP at Texas A&M

We're celebrating Halloween at THE TAILGATE by arguing over candy because what else would we be doing?

THE TAILGATE: Preview of Vanderbilt at Texas A&M

Battered Aggie Syndrome (BAS) is a serious disease that should be immediately addressed by a licensed professional. If you or someone you love suffers from the affliction, reading of THE TAILGATE and other related items may reduce symptoms.

THE TAILGATE: Texas A&M vs. Auburn

Yes, the Auburn Tigers scream about some eagle at kickoff. And yes it's confusing. But don't forget, we have two mascots of our own, not including a wildcat, and rejoice over frog murder and cattle mutilation. But still they're the weird ones. Right?


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