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The Bullcast

Texas A&M outranks Texas in first objective preseason poll

We unveil the SB Nation Fan Pulse preseason Top 25 in this podcast episode.

Unheralded Movies Depth Chart

Pokelahoma joins cuppycup to discuss their favorite underrated movies.

2020 Texas Aggie Football Schedule Reaction

We break down next year’s schedule and the promise of double digit wins.

Athlon’s Anonymous Coach Quotes are a Nothing Burger plus our favorite podcasts

Best Position Units for Aggie Football and Planning a Heist

We choose members for our heist crew and talk about the strengths of the 2019 Aggie Football team.

The GBH Origin Story and reactions to your hot takes on Kellen Mond

Podcast: Assessing your hot takes and a depth chart of jerk moves

We are churning through offseason segments to see what sticks.

Perfecting the Stadium Entrance Song

On the Minute Bull Podcast, we rethink stadium entrance songs and preview August for Aggie Football

Predicting Texas A&M’s 2019 Season on the podcast

We run through a difficult schedule to pick out A&M’s wins and losses.

SEC Over/Under Talk

We break down some of the bets for over/unders in 2019.

Where Are They Now? Aggie Football on LinkedIn

The podcast crew sorts through some former player profiles.

Congratulations to the USWNT and also Alex Caruso

This is a Monday rundown of the Minute Bull podcast

Terry Bradshaw thinks Sam Ehlinger sucks

On today’s podcast, we discuss Bradshaw’s comments and the problems with 7-on-7.

Texas Aggies sign huge NBA contracts in free agency

Find out where and how much for NBA Aggies on the podcast.

The NCAA’s new transfer restrictions, Haynes King, and other podcast things.

The boys talk about some things to keep the daily-ish podcast afloat.

We Regret to Inform You: LSU Is Cheating Again

LSU boosters are embezzling from a charity.

Aggies and Longhorns in Football: Late June is back

Every summer we rehash the same things about A&M and Texas playing in football. Here is some more of that.

The secret engraving in Texas A&M’s Gator Bowl rings

We beat the hell outta LSU in 100 overtimes but what does it have to do with the bowl game?

Aggie Baseball’s Will Bolt is Gone. What does it mean?

The Aggies will be looking for a new offensive assistant coach.

Taking the Perfect Aggie Ring Photo

We discuss the best places to photograph your Aggie Ring and acceptance letters

Let’s Name Aggie-themed Beers (podcast)

We evaluate listener submissions for Aggie beer names.

Minute Bull: Our New “Daily” Podcast

This is a highly concentrated Bullcast to keep you regular.


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