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Articles posted by thacktor

Q&A With Thacktor

This week's questions range from colorblindness and M&M selection to when to potty train your toddler. Wes's answers are all you need to get through this thing we call "life."

Reveille III Responds to Kyle Field Announcement

Reveille III knows what's coming...and she's pretty pissed off.

Johnny and AJ: Yes We Cancun

Johnny Football and AJ McCarron take a trip to Cancun, here's their itinerary.

Wildcard: Conspiracies, Boobs and Loggins

Conspiracy theorists, fake boobs and Kenny Loggins. What more do you need?


This week's Wildcard segment discusses the visceral reaction and subsequent dilemma experienced upon hearing a friend is about to have a son.

Gonzo the Tambourine Man Goes Nanners

This week's Wildcard focuses on Gonzo the Tambourine Man and his untouched level of performance art.

Wildcard: Music to Make Sex On

This week's Wildcard examines the perfect CD to back your next lovemaking session.

Wildcard Wednesday: IDGAF Edition

Today Wes will discuss how to advance one's career and Tiger's wood.

Rats, Lions and Beer Goggles

This week's dose of insanity covers the Tehran Mutant Rat Infestation, Zimbabwe Sex Lion, and the Beer Goggle Myth (all of these are great band names). Also, enjoy some fun mashup tracks!

Wildcard Wednesday (Thursday)

Dr. Norris Camacho, Lucas Jackson, ColoradoAg and Thacktor discuss what to expect when you're expecting...a hermaphrodite.

Wildcard Wednesday: FaxGirl Edition

This week in The Wildcard: Thacktor, CuppyCup and Dr. Norris Camacho take on the FaxGirl vacancy at A&M, we discuss the merits of taking a proton beam to the face and discover why Guy Fieri is an internet novice.

The Wildcard

This week we're talking the Harlem Shake, meth for Valentine's Day, Face-Tats in the name of love and babies on ice. Keep the discussion going in the comments!


Come get weird with black sheep of Good Bull Hunting in Wildcard Wednesdays.

Wildcard Wednesdays

Good Bull Hunting's mailbag of the weird by Wes Davis.

Post-Bama Links For You

Texas A&M beat the Number 1 Team in the Nation on Saturday, here are some links to prove it.

SEC Facebookin'

The Tailgate crew (JP03, Stewade and Thacktor) put together what we think a Nick Saban status update would devolve into for your Pre-Bama Friday entertainment. Watch out for special guest appearances!

Link Time With Thacktor

Links from around the web about Texas A&M Football. Enjoy them.

Monday Links

A collection of links about A&M Football from around the internet with commentary.

Monday Links

Johnny Football does awesome things, writers' front-pants explode.

Friday Links

Come for the links, stay for the Good Bull Hunting podcast!

Monday Links

Monday Links! Get your post-game celebration on:

Aggie Football Links From Around the Web

You know you can't get enough links. You're an addict and I am your supplier. Come get some.

You Will Click Because You Need To

A collection of links from around the college football world. By "collection" I mean "a few" and by "football world" I mean "Texas A&M."

Monday Links

It's lunch, and that means it's time to post up some links for your enjoyment.

After Lunch Links

Lunchtime Links

So how about some light reading for your lunch hour? Well, here are a few good stories about Texas A&M from around the internet. Today I found four decent ones for you to mentally munch on while shoveling whatever you can find into your mouth hole.

Everyone cool out... COOL OUT!

So here we are, a few days removed for the first loss of the inaugural SEC season, and everyone is already lining up to do lemming impressions. Now, as an Aggie, I can appreciate "battered fan syndrome" as much as the next guy. It's easy after years


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