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Articles posted by thacktor

Five Weird Things about South Carolina

Get your Tuesday going in the right direction

Mississippi Weird, part 2

Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty Let's Get Weird

5 Weird Things about Alabama

Moonshine zombies with haunted dolls aren't even at the top of the list.


Two Aggies have a debate about whether or not to boooo at Kyle Field.

5 Weird Things: Mississippi State

The Bulldogs have a colorful history.


Good Bull Hunting welcomes the visiting Razorbacks with a handy guide to the DFW metroplex.

Five Weird Things: Arkansas

You knew Arkansas was weird, but...this weird?

Bielema's erotic Texas Bowl experience

We found erotic fiction describing the final drive of the Texas Bowl.

GBH Graduation Speech

Since Texas A&M didn't have a speaker for the 2015 graduating class, we took care of it ourselves.

Dungeons and Dammits: My D&D Experience

Thacktor plays Dungeons and Dragons because you're too scared to try it.

Dungeons and Dammits

Thacktor comes to grips with his inner nerd, decides to try D&D.

Daily Bull With Lotsa Johnny


The Daily Bull 11.14.13

Link Dumpage, Aggie Style.

Daily Boo 10.31.13

Spooky links were harvested from a link cemetery for your enjoyment.

Daily Bull 10.10.13


Daily Bull 10.3.13: Come get some (links)

Have you seen what's happened here at Good Bull Hunting this week? The fanposters have taken over and provided us a one week respite from our normal duties... and they are killing it.

Daily Bull 9.26.13

I've got your Aggie Football news right here.

Daily Bull 9.19.13

There are links in here! About Aggie Football!

Daily Bull 9.12.13

College Football Link Dump through Maroon colored glasses.

The Bullhorn Episode II

This week CoolHand_Lucas, Blumby and Thacktor have a little SHSU discussion, power through some technical difficulties, develop chemistry, answer your Twitter questions and make random Bama game predictions.

Daily Bull 9.5.13

A collection of links and previews for your day on Good Bull Hunting.

The Bullhorn

New podcast here at Good Bull Hunting.

Johnny Football's First Half vs. Rice

How will Johnny Football spend his first half? Let's speculate...


We double posted today and you all win!

No Waffles for Ags. It's a conspiracy.

Conspiracy theorist thacktor explores reasons why Waffle House refuses to open a College Station location.

Your Comprehensive Sharknado Recap

Feel like you missed out by not watching Sharknado last night? thacktor and Dr. Norris Camacho break it down scene-by-scene for you. CONTAINS MANY SPOILERS.

Wildcard: Chasing Waterfalls

As the world eagerly awaits the premier of SHARKNADO, Thacktor kills time by answering questions from Twitter in The Wildcard.

Talking Aggie Football With Californians

The guys at Sporting Hubris were nice enough to have me on their show this week and I talked about last season, Johnny Football and our prospects for the 2013-2014 season.

Battalion, Be Thankful

An open response to the "Johnny, Be Gone" editorial posted in the Battalion on 6/18/13.

Get Daddy a Beer, Sport

Today's Wildcard tackles a hard-hitting parenting question and a time-traveling rock and roll mirror match. Let's party!

Prancercise for...Fitness?

Today's Wildcard delves into the sophisticated eroticism of Prancercise, canine parental skills, invisible salt and the inner workings of a cat's mind. Please, be warned, these waters are choppy.


The Mildly Amusing Narrative of Caddying in the Byron Nelson Pro-Am


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