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By the Numbers: Ole Miss

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

1. The first gameball of the season goes to Josh Lambo. Watch Sumlin's post-game speech in the locker room.

2. Johnny Manziel. I know stringsays mentioned this last night in his postgame piece, but we are witnessing one of the greatest college football players to ever suit up. When he got the ball down by a TD in the fourth quarter you just knew that we were going to win.

3. Point. Win. How many times has the shoe been on the other foot and we were feeling the deflating sense of defeat as the game slipped away? It's almost novel being on the other side of these types of victories.

4. Hours. The game was just a few minutes shy of the four hour mark and every second of it was thrilling. My DVR refused to even complete the recording, so good thing the game is coming on at 6:00 on ESPNU.

5. Rushing TDs. Two each for Trey and Johhny and another one from King Ben.

6. Tackles by Claiborne, all solo stops. Throw in a couple for losses and an interception and we've got a really solid linebacker in the works for the next few years.

8. Catches from Travis Labhart for almost a hundred yards. AND YES KIRK DID MAKE THE INEVITABLE RYAN SWOPE COMPARISON.

8b. Well hello, Mr. Jenkins. Thirteen tackles from your senior linebacker is good to see.

9. The season is halfway over and we went on the road ranked #9 two weeks in a row. And won both. That feels nice.

41. This is how many points were scored in the fourth quarter.

300-100. Another 300 passing/100 rushing yard performance by Manziel.

AND MORE NUMBERS. Aggie Athletics has all the numbers. Gorge yourselves freely if you're so inclined.