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Q&A With the Bulldogs

We sat down with cristilmethod of the SB Nation MSU site For Whom the Cowbell Tolls for some hard-hitting questions.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

GBH: Can you identify the correct maroons? cuppycup will be reporting his findings on Friday. With lots of data and stuff.

FWtCT: I'm going to be honest with you -- I think it goes (left to right): A) GBHunting Maroon, B) MSU, C) true maroon, and D) A&M.  But there is a STRONG chance that I am completely off on that.  Thanks, GBH, you've made me doubt even the very color my team wears.  What else have i been wrong about in life so far?!?!

GBH: How is the expansion of Davis Wade coming along?

Things seem to be going really well so far.  I've been to two games this year, and the first game I attended -- the Troy game -- I got to walk around in the new concourse area and check things out.  I think it's really going to look great when it's finished, and it should completely change the acoustics of the stadium as well.  I know all opposing fans are pumped for ENHANCED CLANGA.

Timeline wise, it looks like they SHOULD be on schedule to finish by the opening game next season.  Just as a heads up, here's a video from the AD of what it will look like when completed:

Virtual Davis Wade Stadium (via Scott Stricklin)

Please also note the new ginormotron, so we now have two.  Auto dealers all over the state are lining up those ad dolla dolla bills.

GBH: You guys always seem to have great secondary players. How do you see them matching up with Mike Evans/Malcome Kennedy/all other A&M receivers?

FWtCT: This year is a bit different from previous years in that our secondary has seemed brutal in coverage at times, yet the numbers don't look AS bad as one might think.  My concern is that against LSU, State played zone and let a very good Mettenberger/Landry/Beckham Jr. combo pick us completely apart.  You add to that Manziel's running ability and things could really be bad this year (SEE: last year) if we don't, ya know, figure out a way to play 14 on defense at all times.

I'll be honest Mike Evans scares the beejesus out of me.  When I watched that Alabama game I was in awe of his sheer power and ability; I don't remember seeing anyone like that at the college level in quite a while.  I am beyond concerned about how/if MSU covers Evans Saturday, and even if they do, what opportunities that will present for other guys on the field.  State is going to have to work away from the zone coverage, find a way to maybe bracket Evans AND spy Manziel all at the same time.  So again, if y'all would be cool with 14 on defense, I'd really appreciate it.

GBH: Is there any truth to the rumors that MSU will pursue Dan Mullin if Dan Mullen goes to UCONN? Is Matt Millen also an option? What about Chris Mullin for basketball?

FWtCT: It could be harder to lure Dan Mullin away from Minnesota State than we originally thought.  Sources tell me he's an avid trout fisherman, and even though Starkville can offer some decent bass and crappie fishing, the stream game may be enough to keep him north.  Also, he wants to bring on his facial hair stylist at 100k.  Shoot, this ain't Oregon son.

Matt Millen might be a great fit because of this picture; of course then he would open his mouth at the interview reminding us that he is Matt Millen, and then we'd very quietly call security after the 45th minute of him opining on the plight of the fullback in today's game.

Chris Mullin I'd actually support too, although it might be tough demanding a team with a lot of long-haired guys to all get crew cuts.

GBH: Our defense has been decent the last couple of weeks, but MSU should be a good test heading into the brutal road finish against LSU and Mizzou. Which Bulldog player should Aggies look out for on offense?

FWtCT: Two guys -- Jameon Lewis and Josh Robinson.  Lewis is that Harvin-prototype guy that you think you have pinned down and then he makes two shifts and he's gone.  The difference for Lewis this year from previous years is that he's become such a dependable receiver in our offense that he's now our primary target -- even as a slot guy -- and he has those big-play capabilities.  It's worked out quite well for us this year when he gets the ball in his hands (he also has two games this year where he passed, caught, and rushed for a TD).

The other guy is Josh Robinson.  I've always liked Robinson -- even though his carries can fluctuate wildly from game to game -- because he's so compact and low to the ground that he can be very sneaky behind a big offensive line.  Robinson is tough to wrap up (nickname is "bowling ball" I think), and his low center of gravity helps him continue plays long after they should have been over.  Last week I saw him literally crab walk for an additional four yards on a play just because he was able to keep his balance about six inches off the ground.  State fans are perpetually talking about next season, but I'm excited to see Robinson and freshman Ashton Shumpert as the 1-2 combo in the offense alongside Dak in 2014.

GBH: Is the Snow Bowl the biggest postseason win in State history?

FWtCT: Ah, I'd say it ranks fairly high on the list of fun postseason wins, but I would shy away from calling it the biggest.  Baseball's best run obviously happened this past year, and that included one of the most exciting and heart-attack inducing games I've ever witnessed.  Basketball also had some big postseason wins on its run to the final four in 1996.

As far as strictly football, I'd say that the Snow Bowl is probably the most exciting bowl win in my lifetime.  The Liberty Bowl in 2007 was exciting because we had not been bowling in years, but offensively it was about as much fun as watching two dudes joust with bendy straws.  The Gator Bowl win over Michigan was fun too in 2010 just because of the BEATEMDOWN factor, but I don't know necessarily where it ranks in the list of "biggest" postseason wins.  Maybe higher than I give it credit for, but it was RichRod, so.... State did win an Orange Bowl in 1941, which would probably constitute our "biggest" postseason win.

Also I want to say that I believe we own a shot-put national title too, so I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that in the conversation for biggest postseason win.

GBH: How many days until baseball season starts?

FWtCT: Less than 100 now, and you bet your caboose that if State gets drummed this week and next week (Alabama), we'll all be turning our full collective attention to the diamond (and The Voice, of course).

(Thanks to spadilly for the help on the questions.)