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By the Numbers: Auburn

Let's try to make some sense out of what happened, but barring that, let's look at numbers anyway.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

1. Quarterback. He's just one guy, and we're finding out now that he's human and gets a little dinged up from time to time. But we've established such a set of expectations that we don't know what to do when he's not in the game.

2. Ranked SEC West teams that won yesterday. That's Auburn and Alabama. Sorry, Tigers and Ags.

3. Sacks by Auburn, for 43 lost yards. This is startling and different for this offense. That's four first downs negated.

4. Punts by Drew Kaser. This is the most he's had in quite some time, and he managed to average 55 yards per. I don't always like punting, but when I do, I like it like this.

5. Carries by Tra Carson. I am not a coach. I'm not as smart as Ranger222, WacArnolds, JKeester, mattywatty01, or any of the other folks who extensively break down game film for us. But this just seems low.

6.3. Yards per rushing attempt by Auburn. They ran the ball 60 times. MATH.

7/14. Third down conversions by Auburn to our 5/13. This is usually our bread and butter, but they just lined up and kicked us in the teeth. Other cliche here. They were 4/4 in the 4th quarter, by the way.

9. First downs by Auburn in the fourth quarter. Tre Mason had 108 yards on the ground in the fourth quarter. We were outgained 227-114 in total offense in the fourth quarter. We had zero net rushing yards in the fourth quarter. I'll stop now.

11. Catches by Mike Evans, for 287 yards and 4 TDs. He is a holy robot of some sort.

21. Points allowed in the fourth quarter. For the second week in a row. This time we just couldn't keep pace though.

379. Rushing yards allowed. Yes, wow.

454. Passing yards by Johnny. How many are enough, though?