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TAMUS Board of Regents Makes a Statement on the Seal Changes

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents has released a statement in response to the negative criticism they've received over the past few days.

KBTX, Bryan/College Station, reports that the Texas A&M Board of Regents has issued a statement regarding their decision to change the Texas A&M University seal, and serves as a response to the criticism they've received over the past few days from both current and former students.

At this time, the Board of Regents shows no change in course from their original vote on Wednesday to change the seal, and reiterates that this is part of their "one brand" approach. Specifically, the Board points out the recognizable Block TAM:

The block TAM has been our primary brand image for decades and is instantly recognized worldwide.

The current plan is to change the seal today and let it incorporate naturally into all system campuses over time. That could create an interesting challenge down the road for the University, as the proposed seal may not be fully incorporated into each campus before another change is made the block TAM logo, which has happened multiple times over the past few decades.

To prevent that problem, the Board could create a secondary seal that incorporates the Block TAM logo and assign it for marketing and brand usage, while leaving the current T-Star seal in place as the official seal for usage on Texas A&M University documents and awards. It doesn't appear as if a compromise is on the table at this time, however.