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Top Ten Myles Garrett Plays of 2015

Myles Garrett is a force all over the field. He's a nightmare for offensive lines and quarterbacks alike and can be a game-changer on every play.

These are our top ten plays Myles Garrett has had over the first five games this season.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

10.Shutting down a play - from distance

9.Game goes long, man keeps making plays

8. Nevada Sack - One of many

7. Trip Sack

If he can't get past his blocker, he'll just take him to the QB

6. Making his presence known early, against Arizona State

He let QB Mike Bercovici know his presence early.

5. Line clogging

This doesn't seem like a big play, but it is. Watch Myles see where the run is going, take his blocker, and spin him into the path of the runner.

Bonus - similar play from Arizona State

4. Forcing false starts

It's amazing how many times the tackles he plays against get up early in games. His speed creates mental mistakes.

3.That speed I was talking about. Here it is.

2.Forcing a fumble in a big spot

If Arkansas keeps moving down this field, odds are the game is over for Texas A&M. Myles Garrett gifted A&M an opportunity to win this game in regulation.

1.Playing the option, chasing down the runner, forcing a fumble

There's no question in my mind that this is the #1 play Myles Garrett has made all year. In a single play, he shows off all of his speed, strength, and athleticism. It's a ridiculous display of talent.