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Kenny Hill's Nickname of Choice

Texas A&M QB Kenny Hill lets us know his nickname preference.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

After Kenny Hill's monstrous performance against the Gamecocks, ESPN, Fox Sports, and even Aggie Twitter, lazily began to dub him "Kenny Football". It only took one good game at the helm of Sumlin's offensive machine for Kenny to find his way into Johnny Manziel's shadow.

I'm sure everyone saw it coming. Like attaching -gate to the end of any scandal, no QB in year one of the post-Manziel era, possibly with the exception of a truly awful one, could make it through this season without a nickname. Fortunately, Kenny came out with a phenomenal, record breaking performance in his first start. While he may have been in Manziel's shadow when he set foot in Columbia, he walked out casting a pretty tall one of his own. Calling him "Kenny Football" after that performance is no longer just lazy, it's borderline insulting.

While I'd prefer we all just call the man Kenny Hill, "Kenny Football" will continue to cross the ether in the abscence of an alternative nickname. It looks like Kenny Hill had the same read on the situation, and today, he decided to make a comment, and back control of his own brand as dozens of nicknames get tossed around:

Many, including Johnny Manziel himself, started calling new Texas A&M quarterback Kenny Hill by the nickname Kenny Football after his record-setting 511-yard passing game in an upset of South Carolina last week.

But the sophomore quarterback says that's Manziel's thing -- and he prefers Kenny Trill.

Between the decent nicknames being thrown around, this was one I wasn't originally a fan of. Not because I don't think Kenny's trill, but because I have an irrational fear of being repeatedly asked to define slang by elderly and rustic alumni. But, no nickname is going to be perfect.

There's were Kenny Chills and Kenny Thrills, Kenny "License to" Kills, and Kenny Grills. There were even Kenny "Uncle Phils.":

This tweet is proof enough that dragging this out interferes heavily with what should be everyone's ultimate goal: Killing "Kenny Football".

Regardless of how you feel about Kenny Trill, when the godfather of trill, Bun B Trill O.G. backs it, it becomes really tough to hate on it -

Some of you are probably asking. What does trill mean?

Let's go with how Paul Wall defines it:

Trill is when you're hustlin', trill is when you're grindin'
Trill is when you punch in that clock overtimin'
Trill is when you keep it real one hundred percent
And hold it down for your team, run your game full sprint

Trill means being true to yourself, and being geniune to everyone you meet. It means being realistic, and practical. It means not cheating or lying to the people around you. While trill and the Aggie Honor Code aren't synonymous, they share some similarities.

Regardless of how you feel about this nickname, it's time to kill "Kenny Football". It's time for Kenny Trill.

Note: I had originally planned my evening around writing a nickname-themed GIF/Photoshop article. One filled with enough terrible and unnecessary media that, through door-in-the-face compliance techniques, would force everyone to agree on one nickname. Luckily, I won't be doing that anymore. I'll leave you with some of the works that had been completed up to this point.

Kenny Huell


Kenny "Oohh" Kill-em


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And let's not forget to remain compliant, folks.