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Testing Out A&M's New Video Board

Kyle Field is home to college football's largest video board this year, and we decided to take it for a test drive.

Yesterday, Texas A&M shared some shots of the newly completed video board inside of Kyle Field. At 163'x47', this behemoth is the biggest video board in college football, and the first with a true 1080p HD display.

Although the construction was indeed completed, A&M was too quick to boast about the massive size of the tires on this new truck, and didn't actually take it for a test drive. Fortunately we, the un-credentialed bloggers of Good Bull Hunting, were given imaginary access to the board's first live demo, and we brought back videos to share.

Coach Sumlin's arrival immediately emboldened the A&M program with some swagger, and they've tried to pass that along to the fans by including more hip hop music at the games. Now they're going to move that piece of game day up to the big screen, and give our more traditional fan base a taste of 7,661 square feet of Compton's finest:


A&M is planning on using this board for more than just game day. Can't afford to travel to an A&M bowl game? Kyle Field will have you covered:


If this board would've been up last year, you bet they'd open up Kyle for the NFL Draft, ensuring that all Aggies would feel Manziel's excitement as his lifelong dream came true:


One of the true highlights of the day however was reliving Mike Evans' monstrous performance in the Bama game. The ability to replay moments like these is why man invents giant screens in the first place.


Speaking of replays, the video operators have a lot of responsibility now. With a screen this big, they'll be able to influence the officiating process by highlighting items of interest during replay feeds:


The real story of the day however was the board's ability to stay on point during meta testing:


After seeing this board in action, all we can say about it is: