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Mississippi St. Fans Wearing Fake Tattoos to Show Support for Dillon Day

Well...that's one way of coming together as a fanbase.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State fans are rallying together to show support to suspended OL Dillon Day by wearing fake tattoo sleeves for their game against Texas A&M on October 4. The article from "Maroon and White Nation" states the following:

We all know what happened. Dillon Day ended up stepping on a couple of players from LSU during the game last Saturday. Opinions vary as to his intent. I, for one, choose to believe this was inadvertent. Whatever your opinion may be, fine. What I do believe all of Maroon and White Nation can agree on, though, is this: Dillon got the shaft with this suspension.

So in honor of that "shaft" here's the plan

How would it look on the SEC Nation broadcast if 60,000 Bulldawg fans turned out for the Texas A&M game wearing fake tattoo sleeves like these in support of Dillon Day? They’re easy to find and don’t cost much. I’ve even seen them in some of the little bodega gas station convenience stores around here. If one looks, there is a huge selection of different designs to chose from, too.

So yeah. There's that. In case you've forgotten, Day was suspended for multiple flagrant "stompings" of LSU defensive linemen. Pictoral evidence below


#6 Texas A&M takes on #12 Mississippi State on Saturday October 4 at 11 am (CST).