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Sometimes a win is not really a win. This was one of those times.

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I'm all over the place right now, so you'll have to indulge me. I have to put this game in context. Coming off of one of the more embarassing losses in A&M history against Alabama we were told that this couple of weeks would be about refocusing. Rebuilding. Every spot was up for grabs and everything was on the table. Coach Sumlin used words like "tough" and "smart." We were going to start from scratch, essentially.

Part of that was the QB position. With Kenny Hill struggling many of us were clamoring to see true freshman phenom Kyle Allen. After all, he couldn't play worse than what we'd seen over the past two weeks, right? Friday comes and word starts trickling out that Kyle was going to get the start. Then saturday comes and we find out that Kenny has been suspended for two games for violating team/athletic department rules. Which came first? Did one result in the other? No clue. The only positive thing I can say about today is that our best players are true freshmen. That's it.

Which brings us to what we just watched. I can't put together anything cohesive so I'm just going to go by bullets.


  • Yes, we're young. At points in the game we played 8 true freshmen. I thought the freshmen played as well as they could possibly play within our flawed scheme.
  • Otara Alaka showed more burst on one play than our LBs have shown all year.
  • Then inexplicably we gave up on our LBs and put everyone on the line and had the middle of the field wide open. Fortunately we were playing ULM and we were able to make stops.
  • Our secondary is a mess, and I'm not sure whose fault that is. Is that on Snyder? Joseph? No one knows what or when they should be doing anything.
  • Myles Garrett broke Jadeveon Clowney's frosh sack record. He's really good. There are a lot of really good players on this defense. We should be better. We have to be better.


  • Kyle isn't ready. I dont think Kenny was really ready either, but Kyle's definitely not ready. The talent is there, but there were more than a few decision making issues/poorly thrown balls etc.
  • I dont think our OL lacks talent. I think they lack give-a-damn. Even with Ben Compton as an additional fullback we were still getting our asses handed to us by a Sun Belt front four. That's unacceptable...but I don't know how to fix it other than getting rid of folks. I'm lost.
  • The Cam Clear experiment is a failure.
  • Our RBs played well, but our use of them is puzzling. Brandon was killing it. Tra flashed, but when one back is in a rhythm why switch? I also need - and I do mean need - to see more James White. Seems like he'e one of the few players on this offense that goes 100% every single play.
  • Speedy Noil is the smartest and most hard working player on this team. We are lucky to have him. We need to build around him.
  • Play calling will be addressed in the next section.

Coaching on Defense

  • Rush three, drop 8 huh. Neat.
  • I don't know that the three man rush is a problem when you have the right LBs there. Ones who know how to fill gaps. There are a few that don't. And when we run a three man front with those three guys behind, we're gonna have a bad time.
  • Week after week we are shown that our scheme is flawed. So flawed. Players running open in the secondary. No adjustments.

Coaching on Offense

  • Our WRs have regressed. I still think David Beatty is one of the best coaches in the country, but someone has to answer for that.
  • BJ Anderson--you're on the clock too.
  • Spav. What were you thinking? Seriously. I could say that about the entire game, but what the hell...what in the absolute hell...WHAT IN THE HOLY NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PURE ABOUT AGGIE FOOTBALL were you thinking by going away from the run? Why on earth did you have your TRUE FRESHMAN QB THROW THE BALL WITH TWO MINUTES LEFT IN THE GAME WHEN YOUR RBS WERE DEALING AND YOUR QB WAS STRUGGLING? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? That's damn near a fireable offense. Seriously. WHAT THE HELL WAS YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS THERE?!?!?!?!
We are bowl eligible but we might not get another game the rest of the year. We have regressed all season long. I don't know what to do about that. I think we can fix the personnel issues, but I don't know how to fix the lack of effort issues we have seen for the past two weeks. Lack of effort can sometimes be overcome by good coaching...and poor coaching can sometimes be overcome by good effort. Right now we are lacking in either department...and that falls squarely on the shoulders of the man in charge.

I don't know what we did over the past few weeks. Maybe this was a tough win. Maybe the coaches are proud of the players for "gutting it out." Maybe I'm completely off. But what I saw today was concerning almost to the point of pushing me to be apathetic about the rest of the season.

But I know that Monday I will slowly creep towards my optimistic self and by Thursday I'll be convincing myself that maybe we have a chance to win at Auburn.

I don't know why I do this to myself.