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Texas A&M Football 2014 Depth Chart

Now that Fall Camp is heating up, we're posting our updated 2014 depth chart for Aggie Football.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Before viewing the PDF or HTML depth chart below, read this disclaimer: These are my best guesses after reviewing the official roster from the end of Spring and the official roster currently on, talking to my fellow GBH writers, reading numerous Aggie-affiliated football websites, and scanning twitter.

These files have much more detail than the HTML version that follows. We encourage you to view them and also read the notes at the bottom of the post for attrition, number changes, and player weight updates.

Download PDF depth chart || View Image of depth chart

2014 Aggie Football Depth Chart

(last updated 8/7/2014)

Kevin Sumlin, Head Coach

Scholarship Key

Sym Class # Off. Starters Def. Starters
R SR 14 4 4
J JR 16 3 3
S SO 19 3 4
F FR 26 2 1
Total 75 12 12

r = redshirt
t = transfer
g = grayshirt
f = true freshman
P = not on scholarship


Coaches: Jack Spavital OC/QB, Clarence McKinney RB, B.J. Anderson OL, David Beaty WR/RC

7 S Hill, K Battle
10 f Allen, K
14 r S McQueen, CP

21 r J Carson, T Battle
3 J Williams, T
1 r J Williams, B
20 r F White, J

TE / H-Back
85 R Clear, C
41 r J Alexander, B

18 r S Pope, E Battle
11 t S Reynolds, J
80 r F Parker, K

84 r R Kennedy, M
19 S Tabuyo, J
13 f Jeffery, J Redshirt

9 r F Seals-Jones, R
6 S Gonzalez, L
15 f Iheanacho, F

2 f Noil, S Battle
23 J Holmes, S

51 r R Harrison, J Battle
78 r R Gramling, G
50 f Davis, T Redshirt

70 r R Ogbuehi, C
73 t S Stuckey, J
75 f Martin, K Redshirt

56 J Matthews, M
68 R Compton, B
76 f Ledwik, Z Redshirt

79 r J Cheek, J
72 t J Eluemunor, J
71 r S Tipoti, K

74 r S Ifedi, G
65 t J Gennesy, A
77 g f Gustafson, J


Coaches: Mark Snyder DC, Terry Joseph DB, Terry Price DL, Mark Hagen LB

10 S Hall, D Battle
15 f Garrett, M
35 R Taylor, T
97 r F Jackson, D

DT (3-tech)
83 J Williams, A
55 r F Manning, J
96 S Arnold, J
89 r R Robinson, I Injury

NG (1-tech)
f Henderson, Z Battle
98 S Walker, H
90 f Washington, D

95 J Obioha, J
50 r S Taylor, T
40 f Johnson, J Redshirt
9 f Cunningham, Q Redshirt

3 R Sanders, T Battle
46 S Hilliard, AJ
52 r F Wade, B

7 S Mastrogiovanni, J
13 r F Chevis, R
14 f Walker, J Redshirt

16 R Baggs, D Battle
33 S Washington, S
42 f Alaka, O

Field CB
1 J Harris, D
22 S Garner, T
8 f Harvey, N Redshirt

Boundary CB
29 R Everett, D
17 S Sezer, A
28 r F Davis, V

4 S Ellis, N

Field S
5 R Raven, F
25 r R Honeycutt, C
26 r J Burns, D
23 f Watts, A Redshirt

Boundary S
31 R Matthews, H
36 S Wiggins, J
18 f Wilson, D

Special Teams

Coaches: Jeff Banks ST/TE, Larry Jackson Jr. S&C

38 r J Kaser, D
46 r F Tripucka, SP

49 r J Lambo, J
24 r J Bertolet, T

54 J Freeman, AP

14 r S McQueen, CP

3 J Williams, T
2 f Noil, S

2 f Noil, S
1 J Harris, D


There have been some noticeable changes to the roster and depth chart since January. As most of you know a couple of underclassmen opted to leave for the NFL draft: QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) and Mike Evans (Buccaneers). Texas A&M also lost a few other players to attrition for various reasons: QB Matt Joeckel transferred to play ball at TCU, WR Ja'Quay Williams transferred to Louisville, WR LeKendrick Williams transferred to Fresno State, WR Sebastian Larue transferred to Washington State, OL Ishmael Wilson transferred to Baylor, DL Gavin Stansbury transferred to Houston, DL Isaiah Golden was dismissed from the team, DE Jordan Points left the team, LB Darian Claiborne was dismissed from the team, S Kameron Miles was dismissed from the team, and S Kenneth Marshall was dismissed from the team.

Quite a few players have chosen new jersey numbers for this fall, they include (in new number order): DB Noel Ellis moves from #6 to #4, S Floyd Raven, Sr from #14 to #5, WR LaQuvionte Gonzalez from #15 to #6, LB Jordan Mastrogiovanni from #45 to #7, WR Ricky Seals-Jones from #17 to #9, DB Alex Sezer from #37 to #17, and TE Cameron Clear from #87 to #85.

Lastly, Strength & Conditioning Coach Larry "Black Death" Jackson has remolded many of our players since the 2013 season ended. Some of the notable changes are: RB Tra Carson +5 to 235 lbs, WR Ricky Seals-Jones +10 to 235 lbs, TE Cameron Clear +15 to 285 lbs, OG Joseph Cheek +10 to 310 lbs, SDE Julien Obioha +9 to 265 lbs, SDE Tyrone Taylor +17 to 257 lbs, WDE Daeshon Hall +15 to 260 lbs, DT Alonzo Williams +16 to 296 lbs, MLB Jordan Mastrogiovanni + 9 to 244 lbs, SLB Shaan Washington +15 to 235 lbs, WLB AJ Hilliard +20 to 230 lbs, CB Armani Watts +15 to 190 lbs, and BS Howard Matthews -5 to 210 lbs.

As always, if you see any errors, let us know.