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Snapshot: Inside Texas A&M's Contract with Adidas

Travel deeper down the uniform rabbithole

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The rich get richer. With news of Texas A&M's $7.1 million dollar contract with Adidas coming out in the Portland Business Journal, the Aggies are riding high in the SEC. This agreement is the most lucrative apparel deal in the conference, and the the third largest college deal in the country.  Good Bull Hunting received a copy of the contract last week through an open records request with Texas A&M.

Let's take a look at some of the details:

This is an eight year agreement between Texas A&M and Adidas.

adidas - lenght

Yearly base compensation:

adidas base comp

Product Allotments:

product allot

The following items are provided to Texas A&M free of charge, and in addition to the the product allotment above:


Retail Activation and Marketing Support:

Guaranteed Royalty Amounts:

The following is a page of markings that was attached to the contract.


Two items of note:





A full copy of the agreement can be viewed  HERE