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A Look at Eric Hyman's Contract

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

While serving as a member of the NCAA baseball selection committee, Texas A&M Athletics Director Eric Hyman was unable to convince the other members to slot the Aggies as a national seed. In doing so, the Aggies would not host a Super Regional, instead having to travel to Ft. Worth to face TCU.

The Horned Frogs would take the series and punch their ticket to Omaha while many Aggies were left wondering "what if?"

Couple this with an interview that Hyman did with on May 28 (that, frankly, left many on social media and message boards less than impressed), and frustration was running high with many Aggies.

It's no secret that Hyman maintains a lower profile than that of his predecessor Bill Byrne. This has led some to wonder what his role is as Athletics Director, and what his job description, perks, and bonuses look like.

We requested and received a copy of Eric Hyman’s contract via a records request with Texas A&M to try and answer some of those questions. The entire PDF is available here:

Hyman contract

Here are some of the major highlights:


• Contract effective August 1, 2012

• Contract ends July 31, 2017

• Contract may be extended for two years following a review by the President. This must be completed within 90 days of the end of the third contract year.

• Payment - $800,000.00 annually, payable in monthly installments.

• Hyman will report directly to the President of the University


• Use of two vehicles through the car program of the Athletic Department;

• Club membership at one country club located in Brazos County, Texas.


Provided that there are no pending/active University, NCAA, or Conference investigations of major NCAA violations of which he knew or should have known and failed to report/try to stop, Hyman is entitled to the following compensation:


• National Championship -  $100,000

• Appearance in Conference Championship Game - $60,000;

• Appearance in an NCAA sanctioned post-season bowl game other than the Cotton Bowl, Chick-fil-A Bowl, Capital One Bowl or the Outback Bowl (inclusive of any successors thereto) that is not a Bowl Championship Series ("BCS") football game - $30,000

• Appearance in the Cotton Bowl, Chick-fil-A Bowl, Capital One Bowl or the Outback Bowl, (inclusive of any successors thereto) - $60,000

• Appearance in the BCS Bowl (or replacement such as Playoff Bowl Game) or Championship Bowl (SEC v. Big 12) - $90,000


• National champion - $100,000

• Conference regular season or tournament champion - $25,000

• NCAA tournament appearance - $25,000

• Sweet Sixteen appearance - $50,000

• Final Four appearance - $75,000


• Conference regular season or tournament champion - $10,000

• Team national champion - $25,000

• Appearance in NCAA Post Season Competition or any individual National Champion - $5,000


• During each Contract Year, APR of 950 or better for any conference team or annual APR for any conference team that is among the top seven (7) annual APR's for conference teams of the other members - $1,000/sport up to 20 sports for a potential total of $20,000

Breaking the Contract:

  • No Payment if Termination for Cause: If UNIVERSITY terminates this Agreement for cause as outlined in Paragraph 5.01, then UNIVERSITY shall not thereafter be liable for the payment of any salary or benefits following the end of the month of such termination.
  • Termination Without Cause: If UNIVERSITY terminates this Agreement without cause prior to its expiration, or any extension thereof, in accordance with Paragraph 5.03 above, UNIVERSITY shall pay to HYMAN, and HYMAN agrees to accept as liquidated damages, a sum equal to one-half (1/2) of the base salary provided for in 4.01 for the remainder of the Term of this Agreement and any bonuses earned under Section 4.03 prior to the effective date of termination.
  • Termination by HYMAN:  HYMAN agrees not to seek or apply for other employment without prior notice to UNIVERSITY. In the event HYMAN terminates this Agreement to accept employment as a Director of Athletics, or its equivalent, at another institution, or as a conference commissioner, HYMAN agrees to pay to UNIVERSITY as liquidated damages, a sum equal to one-half (1/2) of the base salary provided for in 4.01 for the remainder of the Term of this Agreement.


Hyman contract signatures