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Quotes from Kevin Sumlin at Coach's Night in Houston

Sumlin and @Spadilly
Sumlin and @Spadilly

Kevin Sumlin took the stage last night at NRG Center (formerly Reliant Center) for the Houston A&M Club's Coach's Night. Here are some quotes from his speech and Q&A session:

On fans giving him advice:

"The front table was actually giving me advice. Being the good guy I am, I normally nod my head, get a pen, and write something completely different..."

On the recent coach's trip to Lost Pines Resort:

"The wine must have been good at the bar because Coach Spav got engaged."

On being at Coach's Night while a recruit was on campus:

"A recruit I can't talk about is on an unofficial visit, so some coaches are back there...And that doesn't have anything to do with the "YESSIR" I tweeted about 3:30 pm"

The new motto for O-Line recruits:

"Come to A&M, get in the weight room w/ Jackson, play on the line somewhere, move to left tackle and make a million dollars"

On recruiting the Matthews family:

"There's one Matthews kid left, I can't name names..."

On rankings/stars for recruits:

"We don't go by stars or rating. These guys do a great job in the evaluation process. But I'll say this...when they rate you number one at your position, then normally don't screw that up."

On the coaching process:

"We look through everything we do and try to get better. Best offense in country? We continue to evaluate so people don't catch up.

On dealing with team/player issues:

"It's easy to kick someone out of school. The hard part is when we can't fix in 17 months what a crying mom in my office couldn't fix in 17 years."


"We are doing everything we can to represent Texas A&M the right way and make you proud as former students and not just as fans."

On burning redshirts:

"Look at draft. There was one fifth year senior drafted. The truth of matter is we lost two guys that we got 2 years out of."

On Bob Stoops and his comments:

"Stoops has the right to say what he wants. But if he wants to play again, we'll take him up on that.
Y'all can't wait to tweet that!"

When asked by a young lady who the starting QB would be and what our offensive plan would look like:

"Did Coach Spurrier send you?" (Laughter)
"Next question."

When asked how new Kyle Field is helping him recruit:

"It will be the finest college football stadium in football. What's not being talked about is what players and mommas care about...Our athletic training services will be second to none...Facilities speak to a family and a young man as to the university's commitment to him and his ability to get better."