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Aggie Football Q&A with Travis Herzog

Five questions with KTRK's Travis Herzog.


We continue our summer Q&A sessions with Travis Herzog, Meteorologist at ABC 13 in Houston. Travis graduated from Texas A&M in '04 with a bachelor's degree in Meteorology and joined KTRK in July 2006. Before moving to Houston, Travis worked at KBTX in Bryan/College Station. In 2004, Travis was presented with the highest honor bestowed upon a graduating senior at Texas A&M University, the Brown-Rudder Outstanding Student Award.

Here are his thoughts on Texas A&M's 2014 season:

1) What game are you most looking forward to watching?

Nothing beats turkey legs and football, so I'm most looking forward to the LSU game on Thanksgiving day...along with cooler fall temps! It's great to see this rivalry rekindled, and it's time for us to resume the winning streak we had going against LSU in the ‘90s.

(2) Which player will have the biggest impact on the season?

Johnny Manziel still playing? No? Oh. Then I'm going to go with the 12th Man on this one. Predicting the weather is hard enough...predicting what people will do is even more difficult.

(3) What's your favorite tailgating food and/or drink?


(4) Call the QB starter: Kenny Hill or Kyle Allen?

Seriously. What happened to Johnny Manziel?

(5) How many wins do you predict for the 2014 Aggies?

13. It's the only number I'm allowed to say here at ABC 13. If I'm a little off on my prediction, just remember, I have a B.S. in meteorology.


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