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Scattershooting - Week One (Texas A&M Football and beyond)

The SEC West may be a train wreck, don't let the Horns get you down, and preseason Top 25 polls are still wonderful.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Lance McIlhenny...

  • Preseason polls aren't accurate.  This is okay.  They still give us plenty to talk about in August before the season gets cranked up.  And does any actual harm come from them?  Outside of 2004 Auburn, has any team ever missed out on the chance for a national championship due to pre-season rankings?  They don't matter anymore, but its silly to suggest we just get rid of them.  We're all predicting which teams will be good, bad during the offseason anyway.  Just don't get that worked up about it.
  • I think it's pretty cool that Sark was able to get a room at the Nick Saban Home For Wayward USC Coaches.
  • Nobody is better than Musburger when it comes to casually working Vegas lines into a broadcast. On Thursday night during the Tennessee/App State game, with 5 minutes left in the third quarter, Brent in the middle of his commentary mentions that "Tennessee was a 21 point favorite, and this was supposed to be a much higher scoring affair with Vegas expecting 60 points tonight."  Long live the Mus.
  • Houston is going to make it into the Big 12, Herman is going to leave for Auburn, and we're all going to have to get used to the idea of UH Head Coach Tommy Tuberville.
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint
  • Please don't let the success of Texas football ruin your enjoyment of Aggie football.  I've heard from too many Aggies how the Texas win almost spoiled their weekend.  If the Ags take care of business, we'll be fine.  Honestly, if we could ever get them back on the schedule, I would hope both teams would be in top form.  I've always wanted to see a showdown between two Top 10 ranked A&M and Texas teams. It happens with other great rivalries in college football.  Alabama-Auburn.  Florida-Florida State.  Purdue-Illinois.  Notre Dame-USC.  Texas-OU.
  • I'm not ready to throw dirt on the SEC just yet, but a weakened conference isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Stop thinking you should cheer for every SEC West team to be a monster.  That's not the best path to success for A&M.  It's okay if Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn, and Mississippi State all take a step backwards.
  • Look on the bright side Ole Miss, the NCAA doesn't force you to vacate losses.