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Scattershooting: Week Four

The suck of neutral site games, the greatness of October football, and our first real bad beat of the season.

A big legged stadium ain't got not soul.
A big legged stadium ain't got not soul.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Tommy Bowden...

  • There are three, and only three, acceptable neutral site games in college football.  The Red River Shootout.  The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.  The Army-Navy game.  Saturday night we had two top 25 teams, a huge conference matchup, with two great fan bases willing to travel to College Station or Fayetteville.  The fans deserved this game to be at Kyle Field or Razorback Stadium.  Instead it was a 2/3rds full NFL stadium with shitty rock music from 2003 cranking over the PA system.  I can't speak for the players, but for fans, this game needs to be moved back to the campuses.
  • Might have been a mistake for Florida to invite Mike Sherman into the locker room for their halftime speech against Tennessee.
  • So after the crazy ending in the LSU-Auburn game, some drunk asshole set the toilet paper on fire at Toomer's corner in Auburn. Rolling the oaks is a great tradition for the fans, so it sure would be nice if  dumbasses would stop trying to ruin this experience.
  • When Myles Garrett was laying on the turf rolling around in pain, I prayed to all of the Gods he was okay.  Yahweh. Jehovah.  Allah.  Krishna.  Buddha.  Zeus.  Even Gozer the Gozerian.
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint
  • For any of my fellow gamblers that had UCLA +3.5 on Saturday night, I feel your pain.  For exactly 60 minutes, UCLA never trailed Stanford by more than 3 points.  The Bruins led the game for almost the entire final three quarters.  Even when Stanford scored to make it a 3 point game with 0:24 left, it looked like UCLA would cover.  And then on the final play of the game, a sack, a fumble, and a TD return for 42 yards with 0:00 showing on the clock.  22-13 Stanford final.  Brutal gambling beat right there.
  • Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder if Will Muschamp ever got those rabies shots.
  • We have made it to my favorite month of the season.  Starting this weekend we have five straight October football Saturdays to enjoy.  The weather finally starts to turn toward something called "fall".  A little crispness in the air.  Important conference games.  Rivalry games.  A game at the Big House with people wearing sweaters and the leaves turning colors.  Throw some brats on the grill and pour a nice bourbon before the game.  The death heat of a Texas summer is almost behind us now.