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Scattershooting College Football - Week 3: Lee Corso is Wonderful

The greatness of Lee Corso, resurgence of the B1G, and its time to end BAS.

NCAA Football: ESPN College Game Day
The Godfather of College Gameday
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Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Mitch Mustain...

  • I consider Lee Corso to be near sainthood. You may not enjoy him as much as you did 10 years ago. Maybe you think he’s too old and he’s lost his charm or can’t handle the job well enough. I think he's earned the right to stay on College Gameday as long as he wants. He IS the face of college football on Saturday mornings. That show has transformed the college football experience. Corso, more than any other single person, has reminded us for the last 29 years that college football is fun. At 10:55 am every Saturday in the fall, he's loving life and college football more than anyone else.
  • Jimbo Fisher is just "Florida Mack Brown". Recruits the best talent in the nation. Gets outcoached at least twice a year. Had to have a Heisman winning QB to win it all. Plays up the southern "aww shucks" bit to perfection. Jimbo was just fortunate to get Jameis four years sooner into his tenure than Mack got Vince.
  • I'm all for Texas moving to the Pac-12.  Watching the horns get run by west coast teams pairs perfectly with a nice glass of scotch after a long day of college football.
  • I sure am enjoying the resurgence of the B1G conference. After the SEC, the B1G fanbase takes football more seriously than any other conference, and they're loaded with history and tradition. We are set to be treated to some hellacious good games down the stretch with Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State all squaring off in the back-half of the season.
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint
  • I feel like if you went out for drinks with David Pollack, he would order a Mike's Hard Lemonade and use the word "Yo" way too many times.
  • Stop with the Battered Aggie Syndrome (BAS) bullshit. Seriously. I don't know when this term originated, but Aggie fans need to ditch it. A constant loser's mentality isn't anything to brag about. If you go into every Saturday fretting over the possibility of bad things happening, you're missing out on the best part of the fan experience. Chill the fuck out, stop using the term BAS, and Enjoy The Ride. ETR.