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Scattershooting--The Season Ahead: what to expect from college football in 2016

A few thoughts before the season gets under way.

NCAA Football: College Game Day-Richmond at James Madison
Comin’, to your cit-ay.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In memory of the great sports columnist Blackie Sherrod, I’ll be taking a little broader look at college football each week this season.  Without further ado...

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Skip Hicks.

  • The start of the college football season means we can finally get answers to some of the biggest questions of the last 9 months.  Did Will Mushcamp ever get those rabies shots? Is Kirby Smart gonna turn out more like Paul McCartney after the Beatles, or Rob Thomas after he left Matchbox 20? How long can Kliff survive at Tech based on sexiness and 7-5 seasons?  Is Jim Harbaugh a mutant sent from the future to battle the SabanTron3000?
  • I’ll take Clemson to win it all this year. Which means Deshaun Watson will take home the Heisman and a national championship.  Parlay those with your local odds-maker and thank me in January.
  • At some point in the next three months, Les Miles will call two fake punts, go for it on 4th and 7, totally botch the final three minutes of a tie game, and win in overtime on a fumbled snap for a TD. In the postgame presser he will say something like "This team went out on the sea to face our whale, and came back with a lot of trout." And it will all make total sense.
  • Biggest head-scratcher Vegas line of the coming weekend...OU -10 vs Houston. The Tom Herman and UH "Group of Five" love isn't showing up in that spread at all.
  • Spending Saturday mornings with Lee Corso is exactly like getting to hang out with your favorite uncle. He makes you laugh and its okay to have a beer with him before noon.
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint:

  • The first two seasons of the CFP Playoffs have been pretty smooth. Expect more chaos this year. The Pac-12 and Big 12 could likely beat up their own top teams. We are also due for an upset in a conference title game.
  • Don’t forget to check your e-mail between now and Sunday. You just might be the starting quarterback for Texas.
  • The perfect Saturday night cap to a full day of college football?  For me, Aberlour 12 year on the rocks, my couch, and betting the over in a late night Pac-12 game.
  • Certain smells remind you of very specific things.  For me, white label Jim Beam and diet coke takes my brain to college football.
  • College football is fun. Remember this the most over the next 14 weeks. Tailgate with friends. Hug strangers. Offer a visiting fan a beer and some brisket.  Wake up one morning and search for your pants in the backyard.  And after a big win, throw on some Prince, grab your family, and dance around in your living room.