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Aggie Father's Day Gifts

Your guide to finding the perfect gift for an Aggie dad.

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Old Army Rules!
Old Army Rules!
The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

As you're all aware, Father's Day is this Sunday, so we wanted to help out our readers.  A lot of you may have father's that are Aggies, and some of you are Aggie Dads yourselves.  Here's a shopping list for your dad, or to pass along to your kids to make sure you end up with a great Father's Day gift for that special Aggie Dad.

  • The camo A&M Belt

It's Gameday at Kyle Field and those cargo shorts aren't going to hold themselves up after a few cold Budweisers and 4 or 5 sausage links at the tailgate.  Fall camo is a style that never goes out of trend.  It also blends in well with his Aggie fishing shirt.  Reminds everyone that Dad is an outdoorsman!

  • Aggie Flask

Over the last 30 years Dad has seen way too many A&M sports teams crap the bed.  Just the mere mention of a "big game" makes him reach for a handle of Jim Beam.  This handy flask will help Dad make sure he's well lubricated before any prime time games at Kyle Field, Reed Arena, or Olsen Field.

  • The A&M logo YETI offbrand-nylon-bag Cooler

We all know Dad asked for a YETI A&M cooler, but oil isn't $90 a barrel anymore.  Besides he really just wanted the decal to slap on his truck anyway.  And you can just buy that online for $5 and have plenty left over to get this bag cooler.  Remind him a cooler doesn't have to be bear proof to ride around in the back of an F-250 in The Woodlands.

Dad has felt a little out of place at Kyle Field lately with the Kanye team entrance, and all the music being played at practices.  This is a great chance to let him brush up on some Hip Hop classics such as "O.P.P.", "The Humpty Dance", and "Funky Cold Medina".

* - Author's note - If my wife is reading this, I would actually like this CD for Father's Day.  YOU DOWN WITH OPP?  YEAH YOU KNOW ME!

  • Personalized A&M Smart Phone Case

It's the 1st quarter vs Prairie View A&M and the Ags are already leading 21-0.  But now Dad can impress everyone around him up in Kyle Field Section 417 when he whips out his smart phone to post "RUN THE DAMN BALL SUMBLIN!!!!" on Facebook.

Its never too late for Dad to brush back up on how to act on Game Day.  Remember we leave the booing to the hippy liberals in Austin, at A&M we hiss at the blind ass ref that didn't call off-sides on LSU.  Much more #CLASSY.  I personally could stand to read Chapter 6 again which states that it's not okay to yell "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!" after our quarterback throws the third TD to Alabama.  And only 2 Percenters leave the game early when Iowa state is rolling up a Fran-coached team 42-14.

  • A Penciled Portrait of Carl Torbush autographed by Bob Davie

Because Aggie Dads deserve priceless collector's items.