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Scattershooting - Championship Week

It's time for A&M to embrace the lunacy of the SEC, Coach O's binder contents, and can the Mullet Magic break the curse of Bedlam?

That's the look of a wild man that will fight dirty.
That's the look of a wild man that will fight dirty.
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Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Rocky Calmus...

  • I realize everyone wants A&M to do the best possible thing for our football program regarding the head coaching position.  There's a lot to be said for patience with Sumlin. And I also understand other's viewpoints that suggest we've seen enough now, and it's time to move forward with someone else.  My thoughts?  We are acting way too normal and sensible for the SEC.  It's time to really shine in this conference as a crazy ass football program.  It's time to hire Bobby Petrino.  And I mean let's go full on bad boy with it.  Scrap that team entrance to Kanye. Let Bobby lead the team onto the field riding a Harley while Motley Crue's "Girls, Girls, Girls" blasts from the JumboTron.  Put it in his contract that after every loss, he's required to show up to the next Tuesday presser wearing that ridiculous neckbrace, just for a little extra motivation.  We have been rational far too long.  It is time for A&M to prove we are truly S-E-C.
  • The Bedlam game will get a lot of press this week for this really great rivalry game, but the actual results of the series are extremely one sided.  In a total of 110 meetings, OU owns the series 85-18-7.  And 12 of the total 18 wins for the Pokes have come in the last 50 years.  Gundy himself, the best coach in OSU history, is only 2-9 in the Bedlam series.  This year could be different.  The Mullet is a powerful dark force. There might be just enough magic in that Oklahoma Waterfall to help OSU to a win.
  • Once the news broke of LSU hiring DACOACHO as the new full time head coach, details emerged that DACOACHO had brought two binders to his sales pitch meeting with the school's AD. Y'all know that thing was full of crazy stuff though, right?  I bet one of the tabs was just a really good recipe for a dark roux.  About 7 pages were an instructional (with drawings) on how to properly skin a possum.  I bet it even contained some hand written personal short stories from DACOACHO about gators and the night he made love to a voodoo queen on the banks of a swamp.  In fact, "DACOACHO'S DIARIES" should become a new Cinemax show next year.  "DACOACHO STARDED TAKIN MINE UNDUWARES OFT..."
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint:
  • If anyone is in need of 37 men's (size small) fake turtlenecks with the Longhorn logo on them, I know a guy that can hook you up.
  • So Texas just fired their version of Coach Fran and did a 24 hour search of the city of Houston and hired a guy named HERMAN.  Is Bill Byrne running things over in Austin now?  The orange bloods might want to prepare themselves for a rough bout of second half collapses.
  • That was just an incredible game on Saturday in The Horseshoe at Ohio State.  Two highly rated teams, loaded with talent, with both of them extremely well coached.  The atmosphere was perfect with the rivalry and a packed stadium.  Even when A&M football rips out my heart and kicks me in the nuts, I still fall in love with this sport over and over again each weekend.
  • Jim Harbaugh is 52 years old, played QB in college and the pros, and no doubt has a pasty, white dad-bod.  And yet, I think he's the one college football coach I'd want to avoid getting into an actual fight with him.  Just because he has that rare mix of temper, anger, intensity, and absolute craziness.  He's going to bite you at some point, and most likely it'll be your groin area.