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Scattershooting - College Football Week 6

Fletcher's corndogs and Budweiser, that Clemson stadium entrance, and Wannstedt's mustache.

The 'Stache.
The 'Stache.
Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Peter Gardere...

  • From now until kickoff on Saturday afternoon, the national spotlight will be shining on College Station and the A&M-Tennessee game as it is the marquee game of the weekend.  This is what we want.  Things are going well if all eyes are on you in October.  Enjoy this week, have fun Saturday morning with the Gameday crew in town, and let's keep the momentum rolling at The Hate Barn.
  • If you're a college football fan, I highly recommend making it to the Red River Shootout at least once.  A freshly fried Fletcher's corndog and a cold draft Bud heavy is the perfect breakfast at the State Fair of Texas.  Wear white and be a neutral fan.  It truly is unique to see that stadium split 50-50 between the Longhorns and Sooners.  And no matter who wins, you get to watch the fans on the losing end get razzed all around the State Fair grounds while heading out of the game. I've been a couple of times and it's always a blast.
  • Please tell me you have seen Mike Gundy dancing in the locker room after the win over Texas on Saturday.  With his mullet growing longer and longer, Gundy is transforming into your twice-divorced uncle that's had 11 Bud Limes and wants to "bust-a-move" to Funky Cold Medina on the back porch at your lake house.
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint:
  • There are all sorts of outstanding traditions across the college football landscape.  But one of my favorites is the Clemson team entrance at Death Valley.  That is just phenomenal.  I have no affiliation to Clemson whatsoever and I had chill bumps watching it on Saturday night vs Louisville.  Sure hope I can find a way to make that trip in 2019 when A&M opens the season out there.
  • LSU got rid of their head coach that had no comprehension of sentence structure and was best known for eating grass during a game.  And he's been replaced with a giant coonass oaf that sounds like the bastard child of the Cookie Monster and Chef Justin Wilson.