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Scattershooting - Week Seven

Fix the Florida-LSU mess, Tom Herman's season ahead, and everyone loves mascots.

Sad to hear the news that Mike VI has passed away.
Sad to hear the news that Mike VI has passed away.
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Michael Bishop...

  • I'll say up front I understand with Hurricane Matthew why the Florida-LSU game could not be played as normal.  However, the SEC desperately needs to get this game played this season.  With both ADs getting into a war of words in the press, it's a bad look for the conference right now.  This is where Commissioner Sankey needs to step up, flex his muscle as one of the most powerful men in college football, and get this game done.  It'll take some sacrifices by both schools, and possibly some schedule adjusting on others (A&M?).  But you can't walk around claiming to be the "greatest conference in America" and have this sort of nonsense taking place.
  • Does anyone else ever have those bad dreams where you wake up in bed and Larry Culpepper is standing there in his underwear and smiling at you?
  • After this season someone (Texas, USC, Oregon, LSU, maybe even UH) is going to throw $6 million dollars at a coach that's lost to UConn and Navy in his first two seasons as head coach.  And Herman may be the next Urban Meyer, but it's not exactly a risk-free hire to me.  And we're very accustomed to coaches coaching for their current job (hot seat), but it's pretty unique to see a guy coaching this season for his next contract.  Every win and loss will be scrutinized, not because he's in jeopardy at Houston, but because of what it may mean for his next gig.  Just an odd situation.
  • Crappy-MS-Paint of the week:
  • I wonder what Les Miles is doing these days with all his free time?  I bet he's mismanaging the timer on a tray of cookies in the oven.  Or maybe telling some rambling incoherent story about Greek mythology to the checkout lady at the grocery store.
  • Even with Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU left on the schedule, the back half of this season sure sets up friendlier than the front end.  We've still got two cupcakes and a #CLANGA sandwiched in so it gives a nice little break up between those three big boys.  Even with Prairie View in week two, that was a damn gauntlet our team just ran through.  And we came out of it 6-0.  ETR.  ENJOY THE RIDE!
  • You've probably seen the LSU news recently, that Mike VI has passed away due to cancer.  That sucks.  Here at GBH, we firmly believe that college football is fun.  Mascots are a part of the rich tapestry of this crazy, dumb, fun sport.  Maybe it's because I've always loved animals, but the live mascots really are the best.  So my thoughts are with the LSU fans this week as they say goodbye to Mike VI.