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Aggies debut special uniforms to help ensure victory over Arkansas

Bert can't see you when you're in #Karmaflage

Arkansas is coming to AT&T Stadium in Arlington to face Texas A&M reeling from consecutive losses to Toledo and Texas Tech. While many so-called experts will point to poor scheme or a lack of depth for these defeats, the Texas A&M coaching staff, as usual, instead wasted all of their time figuring out what uniform would optimize the Aggies' chances to beat the Hogs.

Here are a few of the #Karmaflage design features:

arkansas uniform

  • The helmet logo mirrors the performance of the Arkansas team: it shines bright during the offseason, but completely disappears once it's on the field.

arkansas uniform

  • A&M will wear Under Armour instead of Adidas as a nod to Toledo and Texas Tech.
  • TEXAS A&M has been removed from the jersey and replaced with TOLEDO TECH.
  • Bacon-patterned sleeve stripes.
  • Sublimated play design on the jersey which, much like the Arkansas offense, is almost nonexistent.
  • All players will don Ray Bans to honor former offensive coordinator and fellow Bret Bielema ass-kicker, Kliff Kingsbury.

arkansas uniform

  • Edible bacon cleats, which also include a steel toe insert for optimum ass-kicking.