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Seal backlash causes T-Star takeover

In a dramatic reversal, Texas A&M not only will retain the T-Star on the university seal, but make it the school's primary mark in all uses.

Word came on Tuesday that the Texas A&M System Board of Regents would soon vote whether to replace Texas A&M's current seal - which features a T-Star logo in the center - with one featuring the more well-known beveled aTm logo. Aggies across the internet voiced their displeasure.


Fear not, Ags, your voice has been heard. In a shocking development, the Board of Regents is not only keeping the original seal, but in an uncharacteristic ploy for overcompensation, they voted to make the T-star logo the primary mark for Texas A&M across all platforms, doing away with the aTm logo that has been synonymous with the university for decades. Senior Associate Athletic Director and noted bevel-lover Jason Cook was unavailable for comment, mainly because we didn't contact him and this story is not real.

Below are a few examples of our new T-Star overlord in use.

Updated website

t star website

Football helmet

new helmet t star

Blue Bell Park

blue bell t star


whataburger t star