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Aggie Football Uniform Tracker

Looking for football trends from our football threads

Texas A&M has seen a uniform proliferation in the Kevin Sumlin era. From all black to icy white, the Aggies have become one of the more "fashion-forward" programs in college football. We all know that uniforms play a crucial role in whether you win or lose, so here's a breakdown of the various combinations to show what a winning uniform looks like.

First of all, here's a complete listing of what uniforms we've worn since joining the SEC (and undergoing a uniform redesign) in 2012. You can view the full document here.

uni graph 1

uni graph 3

Here's a breakdown of how the team has performed wearing each individual uniform combo.

Click on each image for the high-res version, if you feel like going full uniform nerd.

Not surprisingly, the Aggies' most successful combination is their traditional home uniform of a maroon helmet, maroon jersey and white pants. While the 15-4 record is no doubt impressive, it should be noted that this is the uniform A&M has worn against most of its cupcake non-conference opponents, so the numbers are slightly skewed. In fact you could argue that A&M's two most impressive wins in this uniform have both come in 2015, beating ASU and Mississippi State.

Sept. 8, 2012: 20-17 loss vs. Florida
Sept. 22, 2012: 70-14 win vs. South Carolina State
Sept. 29, 2012: 58-10 win vs. Arkansas
Nov. 17, 2012: 47-28 win vs. Sam Houston State
Aug. 31, 2013: 52-31 win vs. Rice
Sept. 7, 2013: 65-28 win vs. Sam Houston State
Sept. 21, 2013: 42-13 win vs. SMU

Oct. 19, 2013: 45-41 loss vs. Auburn
Oct. 26, 2013: 56-24 win vs. Vanderbilt
Nov. 9, 2013: 51-41 win vs. Mississippi State

Dec. 31, 2013: 52-48 win vs. Duke
Sept. 6, 2014: 73-3 win vs. Lamar
Sept. 13, 2014: 38-10 win vs. Rice
Oct. 11, 2014: 35-10 loss vs. Ole Miss
Nov. 15, 2014: 34-27 loss vs. Missouri
Sept. 5, 2015: 38-17 win vs. Arizona State
Sept. 12, 2015: 56-23 win vs. Ball State
Sept 19, 2015: 44-27 win vs. Nevada
Oct. 3, 2015: 30-17 win vs. Mississippi State
Oct. 17, 2015: 41-23 loss vs. Alabama

aggie uni trackers

Next we have A&M's traditional road uniform, which shockingly they have NEVER lost in. And these aren't all home cupcakes either, as it includes four SEC road wins (Ole Miss, Auburn, Arkansas, Auburn).

Sept. 15, 2012: 48-3 win @ SMU
Oct. 6, 2012: 30-27 win @ Ole Miss
Oct. 13, 2012: 59-57 win vs. Louisiana Tech
Oct. 27, 2012: 63-21 win @ Auburn
Sept. 28, 2013: 45-33 win @ Arkansas
Sept. 20, 2014: 58-6 win @ SMU
Nov, 8, 2014: 41-38 win @ Auburn

Next are the beloved "icy whites," which have a record as pristine as the uniform itself...with one very notable exception. Some of the programs biggest wins have come in this uniform (2012 Bama/OU, 2014 South Carolina), but so did its most embarrassing loss (2014 Bama).

Nov. 10, 2012: 29-24 win @ Alabama
Jan. 4, 2013: 41-13 win vs. Oklahoma
Oct. 12, 2013: 41-38 win @ Ole Miss
Aug. 28, 2014: 52-28 win @ South Carolina

Oct. 18, 2014: 59-0 loss @ Alabama
Dec. 31, 2014: 45-37 win vs. West Virginia
Sept. 26, 2015: 28-21 (OT) win vs. Arkansas
Oct. 24, 2015: 23-3 loss @ Ole Miss

aggie uni trackers

Many Aggies say this is their favorite uniform combination, and it's actually surprising we haven't seen it more often. Perhaps we'll see it again on Oct. 17 versus Alabama?

Nov. 24, 2012: 59-29 win vs. Missouri
Sept. 28, 2013: 49-42 loss vs. Alabama
Sept. 27, 2014: 35-28 (OT) win vs. Arkansas

aggie uni trackers

Theoretically, more maroon is a good thing, but it hasn't worked out that way for the Aggies. They've worn this uniform twice, both times in College Station against LSU, and come away with two losses. You'll also remember that the last time A&M wore all-maroon in the Big 12 was the 2011 loss to Texas.

Oct. 20, 2012: 24-19 loss vs. LSU
Nov. 27, 2014: 23-17 loss vs. LSU

Not only is this time only time we've gone white/maroon/maroon, but the equipment staff also added a star-spangled helmet logo as a part of Military Appreciation Day in 2013.

Nov. 2, 2013: 57-7 win vs. UT-El Paso

aggie uni trackers

Now we get into the alternate uniforms, which A&M first rolled out against Mississippi State in 2012. As far as results go, this was the best of the bunch.

Nov. 3, 2012: 38-13 win @ Mississippi State

aggie uni trackers

This is the uniform that turned many fans against alternate uniforms, not because of the design itself, but the on-field results.

Nov. 23, 2013: 34-10 loss @ LSU

aggie uni trackers

A&M rolled with the "dark onyx" helmet again the next week after the LSU loss, with similar results.

Nov. 30, 2013: 28-21 loss @ Missouri

aggie uni trackers

A&M's alternate uniform fortunes didn't get any better with these chrome-accented uniforms worn in Starkville in 2014.

Oct. 4, 2014: 48-31 loss @ Mississippi State

aggie uni trackers

These 1939 throwback uniforms were perhaps the most well-received of any of A&M's alternate uniforms, due in large part to that amazing helmet. The fact that we won helped too.

Nov. 1, 2014: 21-16 win vs. Louisiana-Monroe

Oct. 31, 2015: 35-28 win vs. South Carolina

Thanks to MSU Uniform Tracker for providing the uniform template.