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Is A&M planning a 1939 throwback uniform?

Adidas hints at a 1939 throwback uniform for the game against Louisiana-Monroe. Here's what it might look like.

Based on the tweet below by @adidasFballUS (and echoed by @TAMUequipment), it seems that Texas A&M may be trotting out a throwback uniform honoring the 1939 national championship team when they face Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday, Nov. 1, at Kyle Field.

The uniform that team wore featured a leather helmet with a white wing pattern and stripe (as the tweeted graphic portrays) and a maroon jersey with white shoulder panels and white "northwestern stripes" on the sleeves. A photo of the jersey is pictured below.


Photo via the Cushing Memorial Library Archives

So what might a modern version of that uniform look like? I'm glad you asked...


Click the image for a full-size version.