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'Tis almost the season: 2014 Agvent Calendar

Counting down to the holiest of days - the start of football season.

Twas less than a month until football, and across the internet,
Previews were launching, and betting lines were set.
The smokers and grills were cleaned up with care,
In hopes that a tailgate soon would be there.

The 12th Man was nestled all snug in his crate,
Waiting to be placed at Kyle's northeast gate,
And you're on GBH, for no good reason,
Counting the days until football season.

You're nearing the end of this offseason haze,
So use
our Agvent Calendar to count down the days.
Print the PDF and post it at work,
And dream about watching SEC Network.

The Gamecocks are waiting, with the Coach of Old Ball,
Reporters are anxious, especially PAWWWWLL!!!!!
Download the calendar and use it tonight,
For football is here, FARMERS FIGHT!

Click the image to download the 2014 Agvent Calendar PDF.


Some images courtesy of the Texas A&M Cushing Memorial Library and Archives and Aggie photographer Thomas Campbell.