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Maroon turf installation begins at Kyle Field

Because marooning out the stands just wasn't enough.

Over the weekend, construction crews began installation of the maroon turf that will become the signature feature of Kyle Field. Previous reports indicated that Kyle Field would return to a natural grass field following the stadium redevelopment, but unfortunately there is not enough time for grass to take root before the football season begins. Also, this photo of maroon turf being installed is on the internet, so it must be true.

"Making our field maroon will make Kyle Field instantly recognizable, further reinforcing the A&M brand," said a source close to the situation. "Look for other field enhancements as the project progresses, including beveled yard line numbers, and an absence of hash marks on the 12 yard line as a symbol of the 12th man something something branding something."

Many also speculate that the move away from a green field may have been in response to the plethora of green Lamar billboards that have recently sprung up in the Bryan/College Station area. Texas A&M opens the renovated stadium on Saturday, Sept. 6, against Lamar University.