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Who's buying all of these Johnny Manziel jerseys?

He's #2 in your game programs and #1 in jersey sales, but who's using these jerseys, and for what purpose?

Our favorite sports business reporter Darren Rovell revealed earlier today that Johnny Manziel's #2 Cleveland Browns jersey is now the top-selling jersey in the NFL. Everyone expected Manziel merchandise to do well, but selling more than any other player seems improbable. Surely there's an explanation. So the investigative team at Good Bull Hunting delved into these jersey sales and the reasons behind them. The results are unsettling.

The XXXXL jerseys make an excellent protective cover for your inflatable swan.


Michelle Manziel is getting a head start on Christmas by making quilts for the entire family.


Johnny may no longer be playing for the Aggies, but Jason Cook is doing his part to maintain the brand.


Finally, the vast majority of purchases are made by nerdy sports fans looking to impress the ladies. If their vast sports knowledge and Twitter follower count can't get them a date, maybe looking more like Johnny Football will do the trick.