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Construction resumes at Kyle Field

Removal of the north facade and west first deck kicks off Phase Two of Kyle Field redevelopment.

The first visible work of Phase Two of the Kyle Field redevelopment began on Tuesday as work began to remove the playing surface and the west side first deck. In addition, the west side light towers are being removed and work continues to take down the current facade on the north side exterior.

This demolition work will culminate on Sunday, Dec. 21, with a controlled collapse of the current west side second and third decks. You can read more about the Dec. 21 demolition here, and you can keep up with the daily progress via webcam at

kyle field phase 2

kyle field phase 2

Phase Two highlights

  • The west side of Kyle Field will be completely rebuilt, and will include a substantial increase in suites, loge boxes and club seats. It will also feature an overhang similar to the one built over the east side in 2014.
  • Overall seating capacity will decrease as a result of Phase Two of the redevelopment. The total capacity of Kyle Field will go from more than 106,000 in 2014 to 102,512 in 2015 onward.
  • The north facade will also be re-done to match the brick and stone look of the east and west exteriors.
  • The press box will be housed within the east side overhang (with the exception of TV/radio broadcast crews).
  • All construction is expected to be complete before the first home game against Ball State on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015.

In case you forgot, here's what the finished product will look like in Fall 2015.

New west side

kyle field phase 2

West side exterior

North side exterior

Completed stadium

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