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A&M revs up uniforms for Liberty Bowl


Last year , Texas A&M sent shockwaves through the Aggie fanbase when they unveiled Chick-Fil-A-themed uniforms leading up to the Chick Fil A Bowl against Duke. Well they've done it again, this time for the AutoZone Liberty Bowl, where the Aggies will take on the West Virginia Mountaineers at 1 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 29.

So what crazy (fake) designs have they adopted this time? Let's examine the various (fake) elements.

liberty bowl helmet

Much like A&M's 1939 throwback design worn earlier this year, the crown jewel of this uniform set is the helmet.  Modeled after the Liberty Bell, this helmet, or "Liberty Belmet," has an antiqued copper finish with the famous Liberty Bell crack. "Texas A&M MMXIV (2014)" is carved into each side, and the phrase "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land," which is written on the actual Liberty Bell, is written down the center helmet stripe. Each helmet takes more than 1,300 man hours to create, and work actually began on them in 2009 just in case A&M ever went to this bowl game.

liberty bowl uniforms

Here we see the front of the jersey, which incorporate several nods to AutoZone, the corporate sponsor for the Liberty Bowl. The most obvious is the Texas A&M wordmark, which mimics the look of the AutoZone logo, but there are smaller touches as well, including a sublimated spark plug pattern in the numbers, and AutoZone's famous "Get in the Zone" slogan on the helmet bumper. The tire tread pattern on the shoulders has been on the jerseys for two years, but at least now it makes sense. This image also gives you a better view of the engraved lettering of the Liberty Belmet's center stripe.

liberty bowl uniforms

The auto parts theme continues on the gloves, which feature a water droplet design, with a wiper blade across the palm revealing the Texas A&M logo.

liberty bowl base layer

The base layer features a sublimated engine design, but the most noticeable aspect is the white Liberty Bell with the AutoZone logo. #branding

liberty bowl uniforms

A gray tire tread pattern replaces the usual maroon stripe on Texas A&M's pants.

liberty bowl uniforms

With the Liberty Bowl being played in Memphis, this uniform would not be complete without paying homage to Elvis Presley. These blue suede cleats do so nicely. (Don't step on them!)

liberty bowl uniforms

And finally, player names on the back of the jerseys have been replaced by the word "Liberty," in case viewers forget what bowl game they're watching.