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The Grover visits Aggieland

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The unofficial mascot of Ole Miss tailgating takes in everything College Station has to offer.

During our trek to "The Grove" for the 2013 football game against Ole Miss, we came across "The Grover," a gentleman as refined as he was fun-loving. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We drank, we laughed, we made fun of him ceaselessly when Ole Miss lost again.

the grover oxford

So with the Rebels making their first trip to College Station since Texas A&M joined the SEC, The Grover seized the opportunity to broaden his tailgating horizons.

grover intro

The trek was longer than he had expected, and in retrospect, walking from Oxford to College Station was a poor decision.

grover set 1

By the time The Grover finally arrived in College Station, he was fairly parched, so he headed straight to Northgate to enjoy a pitcher at the world famous Dixie Chicken before it got too crowded.

grover set 1

But the night ended in disappointment for our dear friend, as he drunkenly wandered across campus when someone told him Big Bird was near Kyle Field. This wasn't what he had envisioned.

grover set 2

Despite the rough start to the trip, The Grover awoke Saturday morning with renewed vigor. It was gameday, when all things are possible. He began his day by stopping by Kyle Field to check out the recent renovations and statues. He was thoroughly impressed. Here he is stopping to pose with the War Hymn monument.

grover set 2

At this point he was really feeling the Aggie Spirit, even taking off his hat and flashing a "Gig 'Em" inside the Memorial Student Center.

grover set 2

The Grover really took our core value of "selfless service" to heart, taking time out of his visit to spread the word at the intersection of Texas Avenue and University Drive.

grover set 3

Though he did cause some consternation of passersby when he carved his name into the Century Tree.

grover set 3

With everything going on, The Grover almost forgot that he had been invited to the Good Bull Hunting tailgate! With so many friends to reunite with, and many more to meet for the first time, surely this would be the highlight of his trip.


grover set 3