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AggieFBLife Live Streams Saturday's Scrimmage with Periscope

The day was made for a few lucky people who managed to watch 10 or so minutes of Aggie Football's Saturday scrimmage, thanks to AggieFBLife LIVE streaming the event.

Screen capture of AggieFBLife's Periscope Stream
Screen capture of AggieFBLife's Periscope Stream

If you were like me on Saturday afternoon with nothing better to do than to stare at your phone, then you were in luck. AggieFBLife sent out a tweet that they would LIVE stream the team's scrimmage with the app Periscope.

So, you might be asking what exactly is Periscope.  Don't feel bad if you haven't heard of it before -- I just heard about the app three days ago, and had made an account the night before. Periscope -- and it's rival app Meerkat -- turns your phone's camera into a LIVE stream that other users, most likely your followers from twitter -- can watch in real time and comment on. It's really awesome and you should download it as it will soon dominate social media and has endless possibilities in terms of usage.

As for the AggieFBLife stream -- about 65 or so users were watching the practice when AggieFBLife ended the stream after 10-15 minutes of videoing the scrimmage. If you were watching, you got to see the first team offense led by Kyle Allen scrimmage the first team defense for a series, followed by two series from the second group, and ending with another drive by the first team offense.

The first team scored on their opening drive against the defense. The 1st drive for the second group ended in a field goal attempt, then a turnover on downs with their 2nd drive. Finally, the 1st team offense attempted a FG that was missed before the stream would end.

The scrimmage appeared to be focused on the run game, as 70-80% of the called plays we got to see were runs. It also looked like a completely different running game. Many of the runs were zone plays, with some zone read mixed in as well. On one zone read play, Kyle Allen decided to keep the ball, but fumbled it after the read. There were other types of run plays we saw as well -- one memorable one was a counter play that saw both the backside tight end and tackle pull as lead blockers for Brandon Williams. Williams would gain 10-15 yards on that play. Aside from Williams, sophomore James White was also receiving carries with the 1st group. One more tidbit about the new offense -- alignment. On a lot of the plays, I saw the RB line up behind the QB in a pistol look, but then motion to line up either to the QB's right or left right before the snap. That appears to be something we will see often in 2015.

There isn't too much to report about the defense -- we saw the scrimmage mainly from the offensive backfield so it was hard to really watch what the defense was doing. The first team defensive line did consist of Myles Garrett, Alonzo Williams, Hardreck Walker, and Daeshon Hall. Jarrett Johnson and Qualen Cunningham were mixing in with the starters and playing with the second group as well. Also, our corners were lining up 3-4 yards opposite our receivers and giving contact after the snap. That was great to see after the 10 yard cushions we would hand out previously in the old Mark Snyder defense.

One last thing -- the tempo was FAST. Faster than I have seen the Aggies move before. Now it's just a spring scrimmage so who knows how that translates to play in the fall, but keeping the tempo was a huge focus that Kyle Allen and Conner McQueen seemed in charge of. Both -- yes both -- looked like leaders of their respective groups and had command over the offense. Great to see.

Seems like AggieFBLife is going to be using Periscope often, so make sure you download the app and give them a follow. Quite a few other Aggie Athletic accounts are set up to follow as well.