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In-depth Defensive Statistics from South Carolina

The focus for the past week has been on Kenny "Trill" Hill and the Texas A&M offense, but let's not forget about the strong defensive performance that took place in South Carolina. Here are some stats from the game to wrap your mind around before Lamar.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some defensive statistics I have accumulated after charting every play of the South Carolina game.  Most of these statistics will be tracked throughout the year, so we can possibly draw some conclusions in the offseason about where the team needs improvement.

If you would like to see a certain defensive statistic tracked, just leave a note in the comments section and I'll try to track it (if it is not too difficult, of course).

Base Defensive Stats

Here are some basic stats from the game ---

South Carolina Play Call Times Called Percentage
Run 19 28%
Pass 48 72%

Average distance the opposing offense faced for a 1st down --

Down Average Distance To 1st Down
2 7.9
3 8.7

Average distance faced on 3rd down the defense held and forced 4th down versus distance that a 1st down was allowed --

Result from 3rd Down Average Distance To 1st Down
Defense Forced a 4th Down 8.1
Defense Gave Up a 1st Down 9.3

Now the chart many will be interested in -- which defense did we align in based on down?

Down Times Aligned in 4-2-5 Defense Times Aligned in 4-3-4 Defense Times Aligned in 3-3-5 Defense
1 16 9 7
2 9 9 5
3 2 9
Total 27 18 21

Defensive Stats Against the Run

Here are rushing yards given up based on what side of our defense the ball was ran against --



Defensive Stats Against the Pass

*Note: For some of these statistics, plays that resulted in defensive penalty (pass interference), may be omitted.

How often did we blitz against South Carolina on passing downs?

Did Texas A&M Blitz? Number of Plays Percentage
Yes 15 31%
No 33 69%

Some stats based on number of pass rushers we sent --

Number of Texas A&M Pass Rushers Opposing QB Passing Stats Notes
2 0-1, 0 Yards
3 4-7, 125 Yards, 1 TD 1 QB Scramble
4 11-25, 187 Yards, 1 TD 1 Sack
5 5-5, 50 Yards, 2 TD 1 Sack
6 0-1, 0 Yards 1 Interception

*Note: Opposing QB Passing Yards in above chart does not include negative plays (sacks)


*Note: Calculated averages above include plays that resulted in negative yardage (sacks)


Finally, the number of times one of our defensive players was "targeted" by the opposing QB on pass plays

Defensive Player Number of Times Thrown At or "Targeted" by Opposing QB
Armani Watts 10
Deshazor Everett 9
Devonta Burns 6
Howard Matthews 5
Victor Davis 4
Jordan Mastrogiovanni 3
Donnie Baggs 3
Justin Bass 2
A.J. Hilliard 1
Tommy Sanders 1

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