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The Around Aggieland podcast airs once a week on Thursdays and twice a week during Texas Aggie Football season.

Podcast: Previewing the SEC and the Aggies in 2014

In case you needed a more official sign that college football was about to begin, the Around Aggieland Show is back on the air.

Podcast #110 - Hoops Talk and some Spring Football

We start slow with some hoops and then come at you fast with some Spring football talk.

Podcast #109: Hoops Breakdown Recruiting Talk

We talk about the latest hoops woes and contrast it with the excitement of football recruiting.

Podcast #108 - A Good Bull Roundtable Discussion

Some Good Bull Hunting authors share their opinions on the latest Aggie and college football topics.

Podcast #107 - Recapping the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Win

Emotions. All of them were on display for Aggie fans on New Year's Eve.

Podcast #106 - Previewing the Duke Matchup

We chat with Ben Swain to get the Blue Devils' perspective on the Chick-Fil-A Bowl matchup.

Podcast #105 - Coaching Changes and Bowl Prep

We chatted with @themarkup about Aggie coaching staff changes and expectations for the bowl game.

Podcast #104 - Sumlin Gets Paid and the Saban Saga

I thought this was supposed to be a slow news period?

Podcast #103 - Mizzou Recap and a Recruiting Recap

Better late than never...right?

It's Voicemail Time: You Know What To Do


Podcast #102 - Recapping All the LSU Frustration

If you wan't sunshine and rainbows, do not enter.

Podcast #101 - Previewing the LSU Game

We talked about the game and what's on the line for the Aggies and Johnny Manziel.

Podcast #100 - Bye Week Chat with Brent Zwerneman

Brent Zwerneman took the time to chat all things Aggie Athletics with us on the latest podcast.

Podcast #99 - UTEP Review and Voicemails

We give our thoughts on the victory over UTEP and then share some voicemails from our best buds.

Podcast 98 - All Your Recruits Are Belong To Us

We're playing UTEP on Saturday, but we chose to talk about recruiting for a vast majority of the show.

Podcast #97 - Vandy Beatdown Recap and Voicemails

We gave our thoughts on the Ags play against Vanderbilt, our impressions on some guys we saw, and share some more voicemails.

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Good Bull Best Buds Voicemail Game 9

Podcast 96 - Vandy Preview & Chatting with D. Mack

We kick off the show chatting with Daylon Mack and then we break down the game against Vanderbilt.

Podcast #95 - Auburn Recap and The Voicemail Line

We didn't want to, but yeah, we talked about the Auburn game.

All Three Podcasts from This Week in One Place

We've got all three podcasts in one place for you to enjoy during your drive to Aggieland.

Podcast #94 - Previewing Aggies vs War EagleTigers

We chat with Chris from College and Magnolia as we breakdown this week's matchup on CBS.

Podcast #93 - Our Conversation with Bruce Feldman

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk about the Aggie Football program with Bruce Feldman.

Podcast #92 - The Escape from Oxford Recap

We recap another stressful yet incredible win as the Aggies go on the road and steal another SEC West victory from Ole Miss.

Podcast #91 - Ole Miss Preview & Recruiting Talk

We preview the matchup against Ole Miss and get everyone caught up on the recruiting whirlwind that took place during the bye week.

Podcast #90 - All Things Football with Sam Khan

We chat with Sam Khan about the state of Aggie football and some other big news around the college football landscape.

Podcast #89 - Arkansas Recap & Sumlin to USC Talk

We recapped the game against Arkansas and shared our thoughts on the Sumlin to USC talk.

Podcast - Arkansas Preview and 1 Big Jackass

Episode 88 brings you the Arkansas preview you need to make it to Saturday night.

Podcast #87 - SMU Recap and The English Aggie

We recap the SMU game and give our pros and cons of the victory. We also chatted with Josh who hails from England and may be the most hardcore Aggie fan we've ever talked to.

Podcast #85 - Alabama Recap and Reactions

We share our thoughts on the loss to Alabama and talk some college football with @BlatantHomerism.

Podcast #84 - Alabama vs. Texas Aggies Preview

Spencer Hall, Lyell from Roll Bama Roll, and Taylor Hamm join us to break down the big weekend from every possible angle.

Podcast #83 - Sam Houston State Recap

We break down the events of the victory of SHSU in Week 2 of the season.

Podcast #82 - Rice Recap, SHSU Preview, & JOTW

Hear about our takeaways from the Rice game and what we want to see out of the SHSU game. Also, who did we pick for the Jackass of the Week.


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