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Texas A&M Recruiting: The Best Case-Worst Case Scenario

It's been at least 15 years since this many highly rated prospects were up in the air this close to Signing Day. What does Lady Luck have in store?

Hardback Walker and the Aggies are looking for help on the defensive line this Signing Day.
Hardback Walker and the Aggies are looking for help on the defensive line this Signing Day.
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Let's just be honest up front: it has been a tough couple of days for all of us.

The whole social media age is providing a little too much light into the dark recesses of recruiting, plus, based on a quick perusal of twitter outside of recruiting websites, it appears Kyler Murray’s destination has been decided.

Le sigh.

Since we are a happy people, let us look at the best possible scenario that could unfold over the next week.


Wednesday, January 28th:

In a decision most nonpartisan observers deem "about a century too late", Ole Miss is stripped of its accredited status and immediately rebranded as a junior college. While most of the student body shrugs and continues their planning for the Tri Delt mixer, Damarkus Lodge surprises observers by recommitting to A&M.

Thursday, January 29th:

Fresh off an in-home visit the night before with Kevin Sumlin and John Chavis, Daylon Mack can’t wait any longer to declare where he will be spending the next four years.

On Instagram. Also, he chooses A&M.

Later that night, Charles Omenihu takes to Twitter and tearfully confesses that poetry is his first love. "I’ll be taking my. Talents to pentameter. Strong is high and dry. #Haiku"

Friday, January 30th:

Continuing the momentum gained with the Lodge and Mack re-commitments, the dynamic cornerback duo of Kris Boyd and Holton Hill pledge to A&M, immediately shoring up a position of need.

Seeing the secondary talent flock to College Station, Kendall Sheffield decides to cast his lot with the Aggies as well, flipping his commitment from Alabama. In an unrelated story with absolutely zero shady dynamics, Nick Saban hires Rex Ryan away from the Bills to be a junior video coordinator.

Fresh off a rather spirited game of Connect Four, the Murray family heads to Olive Garden, forgetting Charlie Strong is on his way over for an in-home visit.

Saturday, January 31st:

Sensing the momentum headed out of Austin, Du’Vonta Lampkin flips from Texas back to Oklahoma.

Jalen Jones scores 46 points in a blowout victory over Vanderbilt at Reed Arena and dedicates it to Malik Jefferson in his post-game press conference.

"I made a poor choice out of high school as well" Jones is quoted as saying. "Had to transfer here to really get a chance to flourish. I’m sure Malik will understand when he's here in 2 years."

Sunday, February 1st:

Celebrating the 40th birthday of Georgia Native Big Boi, Roquan Smith, a highly recruited linebacker out of Macon County, shocks recruiting pundits and pledges to A&M.

Unsubstantiated reports have ‘Shutterbug’ blasting from the Bright Complex on repeat for the next 24 hours. Mainly because it’s a freaking jam.

Monday, February 2nd.

With 48 hours left to National Signing Day, running back Kendall Bussey continues the Aggie’s string of good fortune with a late commitment to A&M after leaving Tennessee. Good friend Kirk Merritt decides that the Brazos Valley is too picturesque to pass up, and casts his lot with Jake Spavital and the A&M offense.

Tuesday, February 3rd:

Kevin Sumlin fires a career-best 76 at Miramont. Caught after the round by Brent Zwerneman, Sumlin can only allude in vagaries to Wednesday morning. "It should go well" the A&M head coach says with a smirk. "And please stop hiding in my golf bag."

Wednesday, February 4th:

Signing day.

Kyler Murray enters Allen High School, and sits down at a table. He pulls out an A&M hat, a Longhorn hat, and an Oregon hat because he is 17, and drama is oxygen. He steadily looks each and every person in the eye, wondering in the back of his mind if they're following him yet on Instagram.

Flashing his winning smile at the camera, he displays a manila envelope from under the table. "Inside of here is a Major League Baseball contract that Scott Boras and the Yankees illegally offered me 6 months ago. I have already testified in federal court, and both entities will be suspended from competition for a decade."

Chaos ensues, and is only broken by a five minute standing ovation. After calm is restored, Murray continues by pulling a silver-plated A&M lighter from his pocket.

"Coach Sherrill gave this lighter to my dad because he thought it had monetary value, but my pops knew better. He’s kept it for all of these years, and gave it to me when I decided where I was going to school earlier this week. Gig ‘Em Aggieland."

To mass pandemonium, Kyler flings the Oregon hat off the table, lights the Longhorn cap on fire, and announces he will take questions "when, and only when my coach Kevin Sumlin deems it appropriate." He then calmly walks off stage while maroon flowers float to the ground and Chip Brown furiously deletes his sent tweets.


Daylon Mack refreshes TexAgs, pulls up Orangebloods, decides both schools are batshit crazy, and commits to TCU. Holton Hill and Kris Boyd decide to head to Austin. Kyler Murray shocks the world and declares his love for all things orange, delivering Damarkus Lodge to the Longhorns in the process.

Kevin Sumlin stares at his quarterback depth chart while Three Dog Night’s ‘One is the loneliest numbersoftly plays in the background.

It’s a long, dark two months to spring practice in Worst Case World. May it never be.