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A&M Recruiting Recap: JerryWorld Edition

Texas A&M was the designated home team in Arlington this year and was able to host recruits. Who all went? And did they enjoy themselves?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After two weeks of lighter visitor lists and an away game at SMU, A&M recruiting moved back into high gear to close September.  With SEC rules permitting home teams to host recruits at neutral-site venues, the Aggies seemingly invited every top prospect in North Texas, and many took the home team up on the opportunity.

One notable absence was the top rated player in Texas, linebacker Malik Jefferson, who suffered a concussion Thursday night and was advised to avoid thousands of people raising their hands and yelling 'wooooooooo' bright lights and sounds for the weekend.

The game appears to have been enjoyed by both those in attendance, and those watching at home.

Justin Dunning, Larry Pryor, Jordan Davis and James Lockhart.

DeAndre McNeal met some famous attendees.

And someone seems determined to avoid the Great Will Muschamp Dumpster Fire of 2014.