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A&M Recruiting Update: ULM Weekend

It's probably safe to say that the month of October did not quite go as the A&M coaches planned.

Kyler Murray at The Opening in Oregon this summer.
Kyler Murray at The Opening in Oregon this summer.
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

As the sun rose on Saturday, October 4th, all seemed right in College Station. The 6th ranked Aggies entered Starkville confident, and with a win looked to solidify their position as a College Football Playoff contender.


Fast forward three short weeks, and the loneliest number remains 1: the solo ‘Others Receiving’ vote at the bottom of the USA Today Coaches Poll the Aggies are currently sporting. Unfortunately, these things happen quickly when outscored 142-51 in a calendar month, and the reeling Aggies hope to rebound against ULM this Saturday. Thursday's recent addition of JuCo outside linebacker Claude George is welcome indeed, but there are plenty more irons in the fire to keep an eye on.

In A&M’s favor, Kevin Sumlin is known as one of the best recruiters in college football, and has no doubt been working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the 2015 class together. The ringleaders of the 2015 class include Allen quarterback Kyler Murray, who has been constantly tweeting at other recruits to stay strong, and, um -

Hmm. Well, on the other side of the ball, Gladewater defensive tackle Daylon Mack is the very vocal leader of the defensive recruits, and he has been personally calling each one, and – I’m sorry, what’s that?

Got it. How about we just take a look at the class and see where we’re at.

QB: As noted above, Kyler Murray has already visited Norman, and internet rumors suggest that may not be his last official to someplace other than College Station. (Pray for a wet winter in Eugene.)

*NEW FEATURE* Who's down with Other Plans at Position (OPP): Sadness. Darkness. Reading The Bell Jar by candlelight. Seppuku.

RB: After a breakout junior year, Jay Bradford finds himself the focus of opposing defenses, and has been held to under 80 total yards per game, less than half of his 2013 year.

OPP: The staff would like to see at least one more player at this position, if not two, and continues to recruit Oklahoma St. pledge Ronald Jones, and Nebraska commit Kendall Bussey.

WR: Kemah Siverand is the lone receiver commit at this point, and a very good one.

OPP: David Beaty is assuredly texting All-Everything Christian Kirk right this second. The A&M coaches will continue to try to reengage former commit Damarkus Lodge, while a host of other prospects, including Quan Shorts, are on the verge of official offers.

TE: Jordan Davis remains solid to A&M. The coaches will attempt to keep it that way.

OPP: Petition the NCAA for another year of eligibility for Cam Clear on account that his stolen laptop featured, like, really spotty wifi coverage.

OL: Connor Lanfear, Keaton Sutherland, and Trevor Elbert represent a great three-man haul at the position.

OPP: In a perfect world, the Ags would try to find one more interior prospect, perhaps Texas commit Patrick Vahe, who recently took a visit to College Station.

DL: James Lockhart and Kingsley Keke pair nicely with last years defensive line haul, but Mack is what puts this class over the top, both from a production and perception standpoint.

OPP: Swagcopters. Lots of swagcopters. Promises that Daylon’s steak will be cooked juuuuuust right.

LB: Richard Moore and Landis Durham are both solid prospects having solid senior years. Riley Garner has been injured and has yet to play this season.

OPP: The A&M defensive coaches finally have seen the game film the GBH staff has been passing around, and have suddenly offered the majority of JUCO linebackers with a pulse.  We shall see who is interested shortly.  Also, apparently Malik Jefferson watched the Alabama game.

DB: Justin Dunning, Larry Pryor, and JUCO stud Justin Evans represent a great three man haul at safety.  Roney Elam and Deshawn Capers-Smith are great corner prospects, but both have hinted at taking visits down the stretch.

OPP: Surprisingly, the A&M coaches seem content to let Kris Boyd and Holton Hill sign elsewhere while they put the rest of their eggs in the Kendall Sheffield basket.  Time will tell if that is the right decision.

K: A&M has a kicker committed.  May he be blessed enough to continue on the tradition of #Kaser4Heisman.