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Not Caring About t.u.

SEC Shorts perfectly summarizes Texas’ attempted entrance into the SEC

‘I can do this all day.’

Regardless of if TX/OU crash the party, A&M’s reasons for joining the SEC remain unchanged

Leaving Texas behind may have been a perk, but it was never a driving force in A&M’s ‘100-year decision’

What might Texas and OU joining the SEC mean for Texas A&M

The good, the bad, and the undoing of a decade’s worth of posturing

Aggie Women’s Hoops moves into top 10 following win over Texas

Saw ‘em off

A&M ranked higher than Texas in preseason Coaches Poll

(be honest, that’s all you really wanted to know)

Sadly, posturing is the only Texas A&M/Texas rivalry now

Play or don’t. But until then, stop talking.


(starts practicing ‘horns down’ hand sign in mirror)

Aggie valentines to Longhorns

Let’s make out

Exclusive transcript from A&M/Texas schedule negotiations

Read on to find out who is right, and who is scared.

Let’s rename Austin

If Austin is changing its name, we have some ideas.

First Pitch Battle: Tom Herman vs. Jimbo Fisher

Ceremonial first pitch analysis is what great rivalries are made of

Rejected Texas Longhorns beer sponsors

“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Horns Up, Limes In. [TM]”

Longhorns melt down over loss to OU, Aggie win, and Kirk Herbstreit

Texas Longhorns’ fans are melting down again.

Crowdsurfing Charlie Strong is already the best College Gameday sign at Texas A&M

It’s not even Saturday yet and the best sign can be declared.

The Texas Longhorns’ poisoned fountain of youth

The forever young Longhorns continue to be young, if nothing else.

Texas Longhorns have 3 PATs blocked in a half vs. Oklahoma State

This is an amazing feat in history for college football and we must discuss it.

Alternate Locations for the Texas A&M vs. Texas Rematch

Texas Motor Speedway is okay, but how about these?

Strong needs winning season

Completely original thoughts on the Charlie Strong era at Texas

Texas Longhorns stress discipline with redesigned football uniform

After crushing loss, staff hopes new threads encourage ‘immediate recovery’

How Charlie Strong’s ping pong vision saved Texas Longhorn Football

The Longhorns’ embattled coach may have unlocked the secrets of the college football universe with a simple family game.

A&M, Texas face off again, this time in softball

The NCAA engineers yet another Aggies/Longhorns postseason matchup

Aggies and Longhorns are playing a sport against each other!

It's Men's Tennis

The Daily Bull makes it rain

And if you've got the money, honey I've got the time
And we'll go honky-tonkin' and we'll have a time
We'll have more fun baby, all way down the line
If you've got the money, honey I've got the time
--Willie Nelson

A New Greek Tragedy

A popular A&M website made a film about a recruit. That recruit did not end up at A&M.

Featured Fanshot

Charlie Strong allegedly cursed at a football parent

I would like to request a meeting with you (Arthur Johnson, director of football ops), Steve Patterson, President Powers and Charlie Strong. In this meeting I would like to discuss my concerns r...

This email came from the parent ...


Burrowing all the way down the rabbithole to unearth the corruption in Austin

Featured Fanshot

Charlie Strong cannot keep his QBs' names straight

Charlie Strong on 104.9 The Horn saying that Swoopes is ahead of Tyrone. We are not sure if this is good news for Tyrone Swoopes. In April, Strong forgot Tyrone Swoopes' name altogether during a deposition. credit to Carl Hungus on TexAgs for the discovery

Featured Fanshot

Aggie Basketball Managers Trolling Longhorns

Bielema's erotic Texas Bowl experience

We found erotic fiction describing the final drive of the Texas Bowl.

Featured Fanshot

Bret Bielema calls bowl win over Texas "borderline erotic"

The Arkansas head coach didn't hide his feelings when asked how it felt to kneel down on the 2 yard line in his team's 31-7 trouncing of the Longhorns in the 2014 Texas Bowl. Click here to watch the video.

Featured Fanshot

Geoff Ketchum is Dazed and Confused

Ketch is confused about who is O'Bannion from Dazed & Confused but ESPN's Peter Burns sets him straight.

Wednesday Trendsday is a popularity contest

Wednesday Trendsday takes a look at the relative popularity of the brands of A&M and Texas