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National Signing Day Predictions!

The big day is here and the crew @GBHunting, in our infinite wisdom, is going to tell you where some of the top targets will land!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


According to the experts, it's unanimous the Aggies will hold onto their current commitments. We're also very confident that they will get one of Daeshon Hall or Torrodney Prevot, and even a little optimistic that they will land both! It is a little surprising that Oregon was not picked to take either talented defensive end.

I do like where our good doctor Norris Comacho and SpreadsheetAg's heads are at with the Isaac Savaiinaea signing day surprise. Gotta love that Spreadsheet went balls deep and called for the Ags to land the trifecta of Savaiinaea, Hall, and Prevot.

Also of note, we're split on if corndog-wielding Les Miles can pull a signing day shocker and land the #1 recruit in the country, Robert Nkemdiche.

Where did we go right? Where did we go wrong? Let us know in the comments.