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SEC Network Provider Package Requirements and Channel Numbers

What package do you need to get the SEC Network? We've got the answer.

You've got a provider that inked a deal to carry the SEC Network. Great. But when you settle in on Thursday night to see what all the fuss is about, will you actually receive the channel? It all depends on whether or not you have the right package from your cable or satellite provider.

Luckily for you, the crack research staff here at GBH has already done the heavy lifting. We're here to tell you the minimum package required for you to receive the SEC Network. In almost all cases, it depends on your provider and whether or not you live within the 11-state SEC footprint. For national providers like DirecTV, we even have channel numbers.

Everything you need to know can be found in this handy graphic:


To the best of our knowledge, all of the information above is correct at the time of publication. We've sifted through opaque press releases and news articles, scoured provider web sites, and have even made a few phone calls. Many Bothans died to bring us this information. But in some cases the providers themselves are still making adjustments, and in other cases the providers have been less than forthcoming with specific details.

Have any questions or corrections? Fire away in the comments below.

UPDATE! The fine folks at ESPN and the SEC have released a handy Channel Finder Tool. Using your zip code and provider, it'll tell you where you can find SECN.