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GBH Gamblin' Guide: Week Eight

We took a week off to pay off the bookie and enjoy some live music. Back to the grind.

Mike Ehrmann

We apologize to those who missed our column last week. But we were a little preoccupied up in Jim Delanyland with a Pearl Jam show. It was choice. Check it:

Eddie Vedder

"Gimme the Huskers minus the points."

These things happen from time to time when one's favorite band rudely decides to tour in the middle of college football season. The nerve.


It's hard to think waaaaaay back to the first weekend in October, but take a journey with me to that distant time two weeks ago...

Back to our winning ways, we posted a 3-2 mark on our main card with our new, larger bet size (the ladies love it). KSU comfortably put away Texas Tech, and Utah and Ole Miss continued our knack for picking live dogs that not only cover but win outright, with big wins over UCLA and Alabama, respectively. On the minus side, Stanford gave up a TD on 4th and 11 to not only blow the cover but lose outright to Notre Dame, and LSU just flat out got poleaxed at Auburn.

Bonus bets? We won 2 of our 3 bonus bets, which is a first in 2014. Tennessee choked away a nine point lead to not cover the 2.5 and lose outright. Serves you right, Vols. But Art Briles went for a couple of EFF YOU touchdowns to cover against Texas, and Wazzu and Cal went way, way, way over the posted total of 76. That third quarter up in Pullman was PACtion at its finest.

In total we bounced back adding 107 GBHs to our stack, returning to positive territory.



We're not anticipating much insanity this weekend as teams have settled into the rhythm of conference play and the contenders get a bit of separation from the pretenders, but there are still spots we love.

THE GAME Washington +20.5 at Oregon

The public loves the Huskies this week. Petersen's team is seeing 70% of the tickets as a three TD underdog in Autzen. Yet for all of the question marks surrounding Oregon's offensive line, Washington remains one of the nation's most fraudulent 5-1 teams, propped up by ridiculous turnover luck - on both offense and defense - and a yards-per-play differential of zero. That's right, the Huskies give up 5.10 YPP and gain 5.10 YPP. Against the best player in the country at home, that luck runs out in a big way.

THE BET Oregon -20.5, risking 110 GBHs to win 100

THE GAME Michigan State -16 at Indiana

It's the free money game of the week! Everyone is in love with Sparty! Nearly 90% of the bets have Michigan State minus the points! Drunk on Rose Bowl memories, no one's noticed that this incarnation of the "vaunted" Spartan defense gets rather leaky for twenty minutes or so in the second half of games. Against a pesky offense like Indiana, that's problematic when needing to cover a three score spread on the road. And we'll just leave you with this result from last week: MSU 45, Purdue 31. No sir, Mr. D'Antonio, we do not trust your team.

THE BET Indiana +16, risking 110 GBHs to win 100

THE GAME Kentucky +10 at LSU

We're it not for a Gamecock meltdown two weeks ago where Spurrier's group lost its focus and blew a two touchdown lead, giving up 21 points in the blink of an eye, the line for this game would be more than two touchdowns. Yes, Kentucky is improved. No, they don't come close to measuring up talent wise to LSU, and they certainly aren't ready to handle Death Valley at night. LSU wears down the Wildcats and pulls away late with a power running game. We still believe in your grass consuming sorcery, Les Miles.

THE BET LSU -10, risking 110 GBHs to win 100

THE GAME Iowa +4.5 at Maryland

Let's take a look at Iowa's body of work: A narrow win over Northern Iowa. A narrow win over Ball State. A loss to Iowa State. A narrow win over Pitt. And slightly more comfortable wins over Purdue and Indiana. All of that makes them a public darling for a road game at Maryland? While the line has edged in favor of the Terps? No thank you. We'll take the team that doesn't make punting inside an opponent's 45 yard line a staple of their offense.

THE BET Maryland -4.5, risking 110 GBHs to win 100

THE GAME Baylor -8 at West Virginia

To quote the late great Bernie Mac in the underrated Oceans Twelve, "Let me break it down for ya like a fraction": This is WVU's rush defense. This is Baylor's rush offense. Do we perhaps see a favorable matchup for the Bears in what could be regarded as a key area? We'd say so. For all the talk of high flying passing attacks, this game will be decided by Baylor's ability to run the ball at their leisure. Which they will do extensively in the second half as they keep Holgo's feisty offense on the sideline.

THE BET Baylor -8, risking 110 GBHs to win 100


Georgia at Arkansas +3.5 (risking 33 GBHs to win 30) We just might see BERT uphold the honor of the SEC West and win his first SEC game. Or lose in excruciating fashion. Again.

Nebraska at Northwestern OVER 52 (risking 33 GBHs to win 30) Hot NU on NU action is sure to light up the scoreboard, as a Northwestern game gets over the number for the first time this season.

Texas A&M at Bama -13.5 (risking 33 GBHs to win 30) Show me on the doll where Amari Cooper touched you.

We're more than halfway through the 2014 season. Good luck to you all this weekend!