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Aggie Baseball Snubbed by NCAA Selection Committee

Despite finishing with a higher RPI, a better strength of schedule, a better record against RPI Top 25, RPI Top 50 and RPI Top 100 opponents, A&M lost out on a national seed to TCU.

Courtesy: @Statboy203

wrote last night that I felt Texas A&M had done enough to earn a national seed come Selection Monday. I outlined my reasoning, and included this nice graphic that compared the teams in the mix for a national seed.


I guess when I remember that this is an NCAA Selection Committee we are talking about, I shouldn't be shocked that they ended up giving TCU a national seed over A&M. Despite the fact that there really was not a single metric that favored TCU over A&M with the exception of the fact that TCU did win a very bad Big 12 Conference, the Committee felt they were more deserving of a Top 8 seed.

I am honestly just so flabbergasted by this decision that I can't bring myself to write a full breakdown of the decision or a preview of the College Station regional just yet. As you'll see here, the other teams coming to Olsen Field for a regional next weekend are Texas Southern, Cal, and Coastal Carolina, and I'll have a full preview of the regional later this week.

In the meantime, the only thing I can really do (as suggested by my Twitter followers) is leave you all with a series of gifs that summarize my thoughts after this Selection Monday.

This was my first reaction when realizing that A&M wouldn't be a national seed:

And also this:

And, in baseball form:

Then, as I calmed a down a bit and really looked at the bracket:

And some more of that:

Listening to the Committee chair "answer" questions:

And as the Committee chair continued to talk:

Thinking about what could have been this season:

Lastly, my thoughts on what we need to do to Texas Southern, Cal, Coastal Carolina, and TCU or NC State: