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Has Aggie Baseball Earned a National Seed?

A&M finished SEC Tournament play with a 12-3 loss to Vanderbilt on Saturday. Did the Aggies do enough over the course of the season to be a national seed?

Courtesy: @Statboy203

After a disappointing performance on Saturday afternoon in the SEC Tournament semifinals which led to a 12-3 loss to Vanderbilt, Texas A&M will be anxiously awaiting the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee's decision on Monday. The Aggies have had opportunities aplenty to really solidify their hold on one of the 8 national seeds - and the right to host a regional and super regional - over the last month of the season, but they have largely failed to take advantage of them. Thursday's impressive performance against SEC Pitcher of the Year Carson Fulmer which led to a 6-1 victory over Vanderbilt did put the Aggies in a strong position heading into the final day of the season, but nothing is ever a certainty when it comes to the NCAA.

As a refresher for anyone not  familiar with how the NCAA Tournament works in college baseball, a Selection Committee determines the entire field for the Tournament which will be released on Monday at 11am CST on ESPNU. The Committee will select 8 teams to receive national seeds, and 8 more teams will be selected as regional hosts. The 8 teams who receive national seeds will have the right to host a super regional should they win their hosted regional. The remaining 48 teams will be a combination of automatic berths and at-large selections to complete the tournament bracket.

Projecting the entire Field of 64 is an adventure beyond my job description, but there is some debate as to which 8 teams will receive national seeds that is extremely relevant. Let's jump in and look at the 13 teams that are theoretically in the running in the battle for a national seed. I'm going to split those 13 teams into 3 groups (really, it's 4 for me, but we'll call it 3 for simplicity's sake) - teams that should be a lock for a national seed (in green), teams that are right on the bubble (in yellow), and teams that I'd be shocked to see receive a national seed (in orange/red).




On the Bubble

Texas A&M
Missouri State
Florida State

Likely Out

Dallas Baptist

My thoughts are that those 6 teams in my "locks" group are sure-fire selections as national seeds come Monday morning. I'll add a caveat that I don't necessarily think all 6 of those teams actually deserve to receive a national seed, but I fully expect they will all receive one from the Selection Committee. The real debate, for me, centers around the 4 teams in the "on the bubble" section, as those teams are likely battling for the remaining 2 spots. Some analysts have TCU as a team right there on the bubble as well, but my opinion is that TCU's uninspiring 0-2 showing in the Big 12 Tournament as well as the overall weakness of the Big 12 Conference this year will keep TCU from earning one of those national seeds.

This is my attempt to do as unbiased a look as possible at the case for and against each of the 4 teams on the national seed bubble.

Texas A&M

Case For:

  • Highest RPI of 4 "bubble teams"
  • Undefeated non-conference record (25-0)
  • Record against RPI Top 50 & Top 25 (7-3) teams
Case Against:
  • Weak non-conference strength of schedule
  • Lost 3 of last 5 series to end the season
  • 3rd place finish in regular season conference standings

Missouri State

Case For:
  • Best overall & conference record among "bubble teams"
  • Won conference regular season & tournament
  • 16 straight wins to end the season
Case Against:
  • Weakest strength of schedule
  • Weakest conference


Case For:
  • SEC East Division Winners, 2nd overall in SEC
  • Top 10 strength of schedule
Case Against:
  • Other "bubble teams" have better record vs RPI Top 25, 50
  • Non-conference record less impressive at 19-7

Florida State

Case For:
  • 19 wins against RPI Top 50
  • Won ACC Conference Tournament
  • Top 5 strength of schedule
Case Against:
  • Swept by Clemson and Notre Dame during regular season
  • Losing record on the road (9-12)
As mentioned, some feel that TCU should be more in the argument for one of the national seeds, and their coach even felt very confident that they are a lock for a national seed after their 0-2 conference tournament performance. Still, others even believe that Dallas Baptist can grab one of the final national seeds after finishing either 2nd or 3rd in the RPI. However, I would personally be extremely surprised if either of those teams winds up with a national seed come Monday.

The SEC Tournament's rain issues on Sunday have provided some additional drama heading into Selection Monday. Fortunately - from an A&M perspective - the Gators held on through multiple delays for a 7-3 victory over the Commodores to capture the Tournament crown. If Vanderbilt had been victorious over Florida in that game, I would likely have had to give the Commodores the edge over the Aggies. However, as things stand right now, my opinion is that A&M and Missouri State will capture the remaining 2 national seeds. Does my inherent bias play a role in that prediction? It's very possible.

There's no doubt that it will be a very close and difficult decision for the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee. Be sure to tune in to ESPNU on Monday morning at 11am Central to find out if A&M will earn their first national seed since 1999!