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Andy Sawyers Leaves Aggies for Kansas State

After spending the last 4 seasons as the Aggie Baseball hitting coach, Andy Sawyers leaves to take the same position at Kansas State.

Courtesy: @Statboy203

According to Baseball America's Aaron Fitt, Texas A&M Baseball's hitting coach Andy Sawyers will be taking the same position at Kansas State.

Sawyers was on the A&M staff in 2008 before spending the next 2 seasons at Kansas State and returning to Aggieland for the following 4 seasons. Let's take a look at the Aggies' offensive numbers over the last 4 seasons.

Year Batting Avg Slugging % On-Base % HR
2011 .291 .402 .364 30
2012 .288 .385 .369 23
2013 .270 .370 .340 26
2014 .286 .379 .362 25

Admittedly, the statistics appear to look better this season than the previous two. But when you look at SEC statistics from 2014, A&M's are more on par with the trend we expect. In conference play, the Aggies' team batting average was .273, slugging percentage was .356, on-base percentage was .346, and 10 of the team's 25 HR were hit against SEC opponents.

I'd be remiss to not mention that part of the reason for a decline in offensive stats is the introduction of the new bats to the collegiate game, but I feel confident in saying that a majority of Aggie Baseball fans are not displeased with this news. As for who the potential replacement could be, Kendall Rogers had this to say earlier today.

Bolt spent the 2006 and 2007 seasons in Aggieland as a volunteer assistant, so the ties to A&M are obvious. It goes further, though - Bolt was a team captain as a player at Nebraska during trips to the College World Series in 2001 and 2002, and none other than Rob Childress was the Huskers' pitching coach at that time. In his current role at Nebraska, Bolt oversees the infielders and helps direct the Huskers' offense, which was 19th nationally in hits (623) and 31st in batting average (.293).