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The Life and Times of Johnny Manziel

Following the on- and off-field stories of Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Manziel Jeopardy Answer

Do you know what team Johnny played for in college?

Manziel interview: "The House That Johnny Built"

Johnny Manziel thanked his teammates and coaches and seems to agree with everyone on the internet that renaming Kyle Field is a bad idea.

NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel interview

Aggie Athletics posted this video interview with Johnny Manziel from New York.

Manziel Highlight Video for the Cleveland Browns

We want to make sure the Browns organization has all of the information they need to make an informed decision about Johnny Manziel on draft day.

Johnny Manziel Scores 32 on Wonderlic

Manziel posted one of the best QB scores from this draft class.

Johnny Manziel's Aggie Ring

Johnny posted a photo of his '15 Aggie Ring on Instagram.

Johnny Manziel at the Final Four

Social media posts concerning Johnny Manziel's day at the Final Four in Arlington, TX.

Playlist: Johnny Manziel Pro Day Songs

Here is all of the music you need for rolling through Northgate with the windows down and your system up.

Infographic: Johnny's Pro Day

A graphic depicting Johnny Manziel's performance at Pro Day

This stream has:

Johnny Manziel's Pro Day

Here is all of the info you need to follow Manziel's Pro Day events.

Celebs and media react to Johnny's Pro Day

A compilation of tweets about Manziel's big day.

Thoughts from Johnny Manziel's Pro Day

Johnny Manziel, as he always does, put on a show in front of NFL GM's, head coaches, scouts, media, and TV cameras at his much anticipated Pro Day. Here are some thoughts about how Manziel did under the lights.

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Johnny goes BOOM

Manziel connects on a bomb to Mike Evans on his final pass of the morning at Pro Day.

Manziel's Pro Day: What are people saying?

Come share your thoughts and discuss what everyone's saying about Manziel's Pro Day.

Manziel's Pro Day Workout Details

Here is the TV info and script for Johnny's big day in front of NFL scouts.

The A-List

The "who's who" of Manziel's pro day guests

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Johnny Dunking It

Video Johnny Manziel posted of him dunking a basketball.

Johnny Manziel McDonald's commercial video

Here's the video spot of Lebron and Johnny's McDonald's commercial.

Johnny Manziel on Gruden's QB Camp

A video teaser of Johnny Manziel talking to Jon Gruden from ESPN.

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Johnny Manziel commercial shoot with Lebron James

Lebron, Johnny, and other celebrities shot a McDonald's commercial.

Johnny Spokesman

A photoshopped preview of Manziel's endorsement future.

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Johnny Manziel welcomed by Under Armour

Under Armour is all decked out for Johnny Football. Will he sign with them?

Johnny Manziel: G.O.A.T.

A&M fans heard their school described a lot of ways before Johnny, but never as the hottest school in the country.

Johnny Manziel: The Movie Trailer

The finest football screenplay you've read today. So far. Possibly.

Johnny's Farewell Letter posted a letter to the 12th Man from Johnny Football.

Johnny Manziel to announce NFL intentions today

Manziel is expected to announce that he will declare for the NFL Draft today.

Johnny Manziel to the Cleveland Browns

The prophecy is coming true. Reading signs in the dog water, the Cleveland Browns may take a shot on Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel in the 2014 NFL draft.

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Heisman Infographic: Manziel vs. Winston

Here are stats comparisons at the end of the regular season.

Featured Fanshot

Johnny Manziel Interview on the Dan Patrick Show

Johnny Manziel on the Dan Patrick Show 12/13/13 (via Dan Patrick)

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Johnny Manziel deserves a trip to New York

This is how Johnny's stats stack up against Jameis Winston's.

Johnny Manziel's Birthday in London

Will Johnny hop a flight across the Atlantic to celebrate his 21st birthday?

THE BIRTHDAY: A Preview of Johnny Manziel's 21st

It's not the SEC Championship Game, but it's the next best thing... Johnny Manziel is finally turning 21. Come celebrate with us.


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